Shocking Ten Twins Reveal Why They Hate Each Other!

Twins hate each other

Twins hate each other – There are a lot of films that show about the super bond between the twins.

Yes, true that a lot of twins share a very special bond right from the time of sharing their mother’s womb. But trust me not all share such special bond. In fact some twins hate their twin sibling!!

Don’t believe!? Then you gotta take a look into the following shocking reasons that ten twins reveal why they hate their twin sibling. Keep reading!

Twins hate each other –

  1. I hate my twin sister, because she looks just like me and my boy friend gets confused between both of us. Hate it!

Oh poor one! But you don’t have to have your in-built friend for your boyfriend, I guess!

  1. I hate my twin sister for attracting more people than me, just because she studies well and behaves well!

Seems like she mastered the law of attraction and you just dint 😉 Haha, just kidding buddy!

  1. I hate him, because I feel that he is pampered a little more than me by mom! I would love if he died.

O you jealous little one, mumma cares equally for both of you. Don’t worry, little dear.

  1. I feel that I was always a second priority for my parents because of my twin sister’s health issues. I hate him for making me feel ignored and less cared for.

You know he is not healthy and do you thinks its fair on your part to hate the sick little one.

  1. He steals my books, clothes, presents and friends too. Dear twin friend I wanna live my life independently. Stop stealing – go get a life.

That’s just the beauty of sharing dear. Not stealing dear.

  1. I hate her because she is popular and doing well than I do. It’s just unfair on god’s part for making us twins with such differences.

Mmm buddy, not differences. Depends just on the way you groom yourself.

  1. My twin brother is the most disgusting person I ever know. He takes charge of me, as if he is elder one. Dear brother, don’t forget we are twins.

He may not be an elder one. But he is taking good responsibility of you. Nothing more dear.

  1. My twin sister feels she is beautiful than me and say I am fat, calls me with all kinds of nasty names!! Arghh!

Just fun and not any kind of abuse.

  1. He always dresses up just like me. Why should he copy my style of dressing! 

That is exactly what the world loves and calls as twinning goals. 

  1. I hate her for having more followers than I do on Instagram! 

Be happy that they will all be your friends sooner. 

These are the twins hate each other – So, here was some twins rivalry. By now you all might have been thinking why the films had all this while depicted quite opposite to all this. Well, not all the twins have rivalry between them. Only few does 😉

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