These 14 Unique Sports Images Will Make You Smile

Funny images of sports

Funny images of sports – The world of sports is always on the adrenaline rush.

Fast action that sends your heart pumping!

Be it football, hockey, cricket, basketball etc or any other sport; there’s always action related to them. But sports can be fun too! Well, if you did not get the pun here, here are some of our handpicked sporting images from around the world that describe action but let your jaws pain.

Still not getting there, well, open your eyes and take a look at these Funny images of sports :

Funny images of sports –

1 – Cristiano Ronaldo


Don’t know if CR7 was the ‘butt’ of all jokes after watching this picture.

2 – Yuvraj Singh


When India beat Australia back in the 2011 World Cup quarter-final, all good things were said about the Men In Blue. Including this viral picture too, where Yuvi was seen spanking the ‘Punter’.

3 – Ana Ivanovic


Tennis can be cruel to you at times and here’s the best example where former world number one Ana Ivanovic revealed a bit too much for the photographers. Their headlines were made. Touche!

4 – Wimbledon


This streaker had more ‘balls’ to run naked on to the Wimbledon court. Surely the players in the background saw the funny side to it.

5 – Baseball bat


Definitely it’s the bat that needs a ‘Home-run’ rather than the ball after seeing the former in that broken state.

6 – Bull fights


The bull-fighting sport is quite famous in the European countries and in the USA as well. The sport involves raging a bull with a pink coloured cloth. Even if the bull-masters might have conquered their bulls, this bull in the picture, seems to depicting ‘who’s the boss now?’

7 – Tennis


This tennis player has his eyes gorged on that ball so much that it really makes a funny depiction.

8 – Table-Tennis


This German table-tennis player has stayed true to the fact that players require the ‘hunger’ and passion to go forward. We can totally see his hunger for the game!

9 – Sumo Wrestling


This epic picture gives out that ‘aww’ moment as the kid sumo wrestler goes te-te-te with a professional one.

10 – Roberto Carlos and Ronaldo


When these two are not doing some serious stuff on the football pitch; they are often caught off-guard doing some cheeky stuff. Here are Brazilian icons Roberto Carlos and Ronaldo dishing out some tricks from the backside.

11 – Wrestlers


These two wrestlers surely deserved more accolades for their ‘bromance’ rather than the one we saw in ‘The Twilight Saga’.

12 – Wrestler


Wrestlers are known to tear apart their opponents but perhaps this guy has taken the statement a bit too seriously!

13 – Olympic athlete


The athlete in the picture likes the Olympic Games so much that fever has reached his head!

14 – Kid push-ups


These are funny images of sports – May be this kid can give the likes of John Cena and Triple H a run for their money.

Sports are always animated, action packed and thorough entertainment but the above images prove us wrong!

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