How To Deal With An Irritating Person?


The world has all kinds of people but the irritating ones are the worst of all.

The problem with them is that they are not bad at heart, or so we’d like to assume (pun intended), but they make you wanna puke in response to their non-sense traits.

What’s even more irritating is that most of them are unintentionally a headache. Even the upfront ones amongst us, their victims, find it difficult to point out it to them.

But stress no more as help’s here to rescue you from the gregariously irritating person.

 1)   Just Smile.

When they eagerly await your response to their rants, try and bring your lips to smile from ear to ear. If they irritate you with ‘whys’ and ‘whats’, repeat. Don’t say anything. Basically, it is your turn to irritate them.

This way when they are on with their stupidities, you’ll be busy thinking about your pre-planned reaction, which will make you grin and automatically shift focus from them.

2)   React Naturally.

Enough with the etiquette and patience… react the way your polite self resists you from, at least once. Like if someone is bragging about something new, instead of nodding politely, startle them by saying, “so?”

You’ll feel so light immediately. Yes, it sounds rude but isn’t continuing to irritate someone without trying to judge their interest is equally so!

3)   Avoid Them.

Continue doing what you were doing without even noticing them. This works very well with attention seekers. If they’ll stop getting attention from you. They’ll go to find another prey.

If avoiding them is not possible, you can try and make some expressions, like raising an eyebrow, to indicate that what they are up to is not interesting at all.

4)   Be Honest.

When all the antics get to your head, commit to yourself about letting them know. But not rudely, if you really want them to stop irritating you. Correctly choosing the words and being assertive, clearly tell them what bothers you.

Don’t negate this suggestion on the pretext of they won’t understand. You can’t tell till you don’t try.

5)   Chill Out.

Plan an evening out with your good friends and blurt out about the nuisance in your life till you feel better. You’re sure to get some interestingly funny solutions. If even you don’t, you can still have a good laugh.

After such a session, you’ll automatically start thing about the laughs you shared with your friends the moment the same person starts irritating you in the same way.

6)   Enjoy It.

Because, variety, my dear, is the spice of life. No matter what some people just can’t stop driving you up the wall as it’s in their nature. In such cases, it is best to observe them and salute God for creating such maddening characters.

Maybe you’ll start thanking or appreciating the irritant being for entertaining you every once in a while!

7)   Shoot Them.

Their Irritating behavior, that is, with a camera phone or something (What were you thinking, do we look like the violent kind? But well, the choice is always yours! :P) And show the video to them, pointing out why exactly are they close or a tough competition to KRK.

If nothing else seems to work, introspect. And maybe hug them for their uniqueness while telling them, “I wish someday you get to meet a person like you, (muttering) for that’s the only way you’ll realise how effortlessly you kill my brain.”

But seriously, that person is not a bad human being after all.

Yes? Imagine you kissing them! 😛

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