Hopelessly in love? Don’t do these things

If you’re madly in love with somebody, good for you! Just don’t do indulge in these things.

It is okay if you are madly in love with somebody and want to shout out to the world, but there are certain things that are nauseating. So please don’t indulge in them…


Couple-y pics on FB (every 2 hours):
You love each other to death. Yes, we get it. But there’s no need to constantly update your FB account with couple-y pics of you having a blast. Honestly, nobody cares. (And no, I am not saying this because I have a not-so-happening life)

Posting XOXO on social networking sites:
Whatever the hell is XOXO in any case? When you decide to bombard your lover’s wall with this code, it annoys the hell out of everybody. I mean, c’mon, why not use the beautiful feature called ‘Inbox’!

Coded status updates:
If you’re excited about your one-month anniversary, there’s no need to put up something like ’30 to go…’ Other than your better half, nobody gives a damn. (In fact, in some cases, even the better half doesn’t give a damn)

Walking hand-in-hand on a busy street:
It’s amazing how much you adore each other, but please be mindful of those who are running about in rush hour traffic.

Calling by annoying pet names:
She or he may be ‘baby’, ‘sweetcakes’ and ‘jaanu’ to you, but to others, it’s plain torture. Avoid addressing your loved one by such pet names as there is a fair chance of them becoming the butt of all jokes.





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