Sonam Kapoor Is A Lesbian?


What is Sonam Kapoor hiding?

Well, she is an amazingly beautiful and gorgeous girl!

Her sense of style and awareness of fashion is second to none and among the current crop of heroines in Bollywood, she is clearly the one who carries the crown of fashion diva with aplomb!

These characteristics, irrespective of her acting talent on screen, make her really desirable and any man would die to have her as a life-partner or would love to fall in love with her.

However, it is not the case and despite being in the industry for so long, except for a film-promotion related link up with Ranbir Kapoor, she hasn’t been in the news for any love affair! How strange is that!

Come to think of it, biggest of the stars, whether they like it or not, are regularly linked with their co-actors. Sometimes it is all about a film’s publicity and sometimes their well-hidden secrets tumble out of the closets and they stand naked in their public life.

None of this is true for the style icon Sonam Kapoor!

What could be the secret?

She is not that powerful that she can put a gag order on the entire media to not publish or show her love life. The only plausible explanation seems to be that she is actually not dating any man because she doesn’t like men! Period! If her choice is a woman, which is also pretty fine as there is nothing wrong being in love even with someone from the same sex, she must be keeping it under the wraps and really able to safeguard it!

If this is true, it will break a million hearts! But on the contrary, it will also give hopes to so many lesbians in the country who would really love to have Sonam as their lover! After all, she is well read, beautiful, and immensely successful. Which girl can say no to her?

We wonder what would be her dad Anil Kapoor’s and her entire family’s reaction to that she is a lesbian that is if they don’t know it already. Of course the family is broad-minded and may not have any problems accepting it, but if there is even an iota of truth in this, why don’t they come out in open and make it public news? Love should be celebrated and not hidden from the public eye! May be instead of worrying about her image as an actress taking a beating, they can consider another scenario that she gains more fans and more public support for being so bold! This might help her acting career as well given the fact that her movies aren’t really doing that great!

After acting with hottest dudes of Bollywood including Ranbir Kapoor, Farhan Akhtar, Fawwad Khan, Abhay Deol etc., and still being single and not having even a single bit of news about her love-life, it clearly means she has her heart somewhere else!

Come on Sonam, you can share with us! We are your fans and we would still love you!

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