Signs That Show She Is Your Half Girlfriend

Half girlfriend signs

Half girlfriend signs – It is good to have friends in life. It is also good to have a girlfriend in life.

But what about having a half girlfriend? Not all relationships have same story, yet many of them have a half girlfriend. Now the question is who is half girlfriend. She is the Sunshine of  your August holding a tag of friendship. But how will you know if she is the one?

Here are the signs that she is your Half girlfriend signs :

Half girlfriend signs

1 – She tops your contact list:

She assures to be with you, if not in reality, virtually. Frequent phone calls and text messages are the signs that not only show she cares for you but is also attached to you. Living in the 21st century, life is quite fast. You may not find it easy to visit the person separated by distance often, but she is just one call away for you. The best part is you are comfortable with her. Be it funny video calls, flirty emoticons, pick up lines and plethora of such.

Half girlfriend signs

2 – Curious to know more:

If she shows her keen interest in listening to you rather than making you listen her stories, she is curious about you. The reason why she wants to know you could probably be she yearns to establish a better understanding between both of you.

Half girlfriend signs

3 – Wants your attention:

She might act like your Mom or your elder Sister, often when comes to pamper you or to be mad at you. She wants your attention and if she does not get one the consequences may not be in your favour. Just like a girl friend, she want you to be for her and with her in every possible way. This does not mean she is just a attention seeker.

Half girlfriend signs

4 – Gets easily jealous:

If you can make her jealous, you play a very significant role in her life. If seeing you hanging out with other girls, or getting close to them make her chew on lips means she can’t share you with anyone, nor she can watch them being your priority. A big time sign!

Half girlfriend signs

5 – Sharing secrets:

She might have her best friend besides you, yet she shares all her secrets with you. She would discuss about every single detail of the day and give equal respect to your opinion about it. She knows all of your flaws yet she cheers you up whenever you feel wee.

Half girlfriend signs

These are Half girlfriend signs – Being a half girlfriend and being a girlfriend has a big time difference. Not all can give commitments and in a same way not all will keep their words. When you are in a relationship you ought to see the dark and secret side of the person you love. You may not like all of them or maybe a few of them you would accept. And here comes the role of love. Possibilities are, your half girlfriend twirling into your girlfriend and then, partner for life. But at the same time, there is a risk to lose all at once.

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