8 Simple Ways To Combat Eye Fatigue While Working On A Computer! A Must-Read For All Of Us!

We often suffer from eye-strain and chronic headaches, which are primarily caused by radiation of computer screens. Listed below are 8 simple ways on combating eye fatigue and pain.

Technology has its own caveats and warnings!

While computers are the most incredible gadgets ever made on this planet, they also induce various health issues to its users. Having to work on a computer for prolonged hours is taxing for one’s eyes. In fact, statistics say that when people read on the PC, their pace of reading reduces by 25% as compared to reading a printed material.

We present below 8 simple ways on how to protect eyes from computer screens, thereby avoiding eye-strain, injury, and blurred vision:

  1. Applying the 20-20-20 Rule

Renowned professors suggest that one should inculcate the habit of looking at something which is 20 feet away for 20 seconds after every 20 minutes. This ensures that eyes maintain a healthy level of moisture, thus preventing them from strain and irritation.

  1. Blinking Frequently

While working in front of computer screens, we often forget to blink our eyes, resulting in dryness of eyes. It is imperative that we blink our eyes frequently to keep the front surface of the eyes moistened.

  1. Regular Cleaning of Screen

The tip is to ensure that the computer screen is the most brightly lit object in the room. Screens covered with fingerprint smudges and grime makes it difficult for eyes to focus and can lead to straining of eyes.

  1. Taking the High-Five Test

Carry out a ‘high-five’ with the computer screen! Was it an effortless action? If yes, then it implies that the positioning of the computer screen is perfect. Full arm extension is the key, with the top of the monitor positioned below the eye-level.

  1.  Eye-Movement Exercises

Simple eye-movement exercises such as moving eyes clockwise, left to right, and top to bottom, go a long way to reduce eye-strain and help in relaxing the eyes.

  1. Buying a Pair of Glasses

This is particularly useful for those who wear contact lenses. Regular lens wearers often face dryness of eyes. It is also applicable for those who do not have any vision impairments, but wish to protect their eyes and prevent them from pain and stress.

  1. Adjusting the Font Type

While your PC displays Times New Roman as the default font, its curvy design slows down the process of word recognition, demanding the reader to stare harder and longer. On the other hand, fonts such as Arial and Verdana make words appear crisper and easier to read.

  1. Intake of Vitamin-enriched food

Foods with Vitamin A such as mango, tomato, watermelon, carrot, pumpkin, sweet potato, cereals, fish, and egg also help in maintaining proper health of eyes.

All those gaming buffs and workaholics who spend over 8 hours in front of their desktops should essentially follow the above-mentioned 8 ways of protecting eyes from computer screens.

If you are aware of any other health tips for protecting eye-sight, please do share your suggestions in the comments box below! 

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