Gold Diggers’ CONFESSIONS That Are Honest And Worth The Read!

Gold Digger Confessions

Gold Digger Confessions – Who is a gold digger? A gold digger is a woman who forms relationship with men to obtain money or gifts from them. In short, a person who uses charm to get money in their pocket –Yeah, it is Google’s definition but anyway, I hope you understood what the word “gold digger” means.

And no matter what; many gold diggers exist in this world. Some people reading this might’ve experienced it in a relationship too.

Here are some Gold Digger Confessions that are worth the read.

  1. IF I don’t marry a rich guy, my plans are completely ruined.
  2. Why is being a gold digger bad? I love money and I love men but I love it when they’re combined.
  3. Now that I’m a jobless graduate student, I’m really seeing the appeal of marrying for money and being a gold digger.
  4. AFTER being screwed over in every relationship I’ve been in, I’m completely ok with being a gold digger for the rest of my life.
  5. He pisses me off more than any other person I’ve ever met. The only thing that helps me keep my sanity is that he works away for 2 months then is home for a week then gone again. When he proposed, we had already talked about it and I said I want ready (23f) but of course he doesn’t listen to a damn thing I said and asked me in front of his grandma who has cancer so I felt like I couldn’t say no. There is just so much I can’t stand from him. He is always right. ALWAYS. It doesn’t matter if Bill Nye, Bill Gates and Jesus are saying that someone else is right…he’s somehow right. He is a pompous asshole! I hate the way he dresses. He tries to dress like a Hollister model but he’s short, fat and a nerd. His sexual fantasies disgust me. When we first started trying them, it was fun and it was still making love but now he’s just cold, cruel and harsh. (When I say that I mean we both like dirty talk but call me crazy but I don’t like to be degraded in the process. He knows this and does it anyway) I when I actually do them now it’s out of pity and to get him to shut up about it. Half the time he wants me to dress like a cheap hooker, and act like one. He likes to be dominate and he’ll try to demand anal then when I refuse he gets pissed and calls me a stuck up bitch. When we actually have ‘normal’ sex it’s great and I get off but I’d rather masturbate so I don’t have to deal with him. I’m starting to realize is that I’m spoiled and I love it. The engagement ring on my finger is a 2 carat princess cut that is my dream ring. I have a brand new car that I got for our anniversary. He is currently working on a finances for a house we want. I rationalize it because I would never cheat on him (never have) and I love him sometimes and it’s not when he’s buying me things…I just feel like a piece of shit for thinking this.
  6. Having a rich guy is full of benefits. I love being a gold digger.
  7. No money, no love. And yes, I want a rich guy.
  8. I’m a gold digger. I FEEL like that should bother me, but it doesn’t.

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Gold Digger Confessions- Any thoughts?

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