10 Reasons Why Some Girls Have Guys As Their Best Friends Instead Of Girls!


Girls like to swing!

Yes, they do, and how!

You would agree with me, when I say that girls have this knack of choosing the best, no matter what are the choices for!

Hence, they choose friends (well, some of them, not all), who actually prove to be best of friends, and guess who they are? GUYS!! Of course!

Now ask me, why do some girls have guys as their best friends and not girls?

Here, I explain in these 10 simple theories which I have, very carefully laid down for those who still do not understand that a girl-guy relationship has a lot more than just a bed-story (No literally!!)

Read on.

1.  Guys are so much less drama! They are never like “Oh my God, look at her dress”, “Oh my God, you are going for that shitty party”, “Oh My… You broke with that rich bas***d”!! They have nothing to do with any of these OMGs. They chill, and they just let you chill!

2.  They have an ear for all your illogical conversations, on the phone, on Whatsapp, on Facebook and on Viber too! They would never bring out those conversations when in a group party! And guess what, they don’t remember most of it!

3.  They are not worried about how you look, and how they look, while walking side by side in a shopping mall. All they do is just let you shop and sometimes give suggestions and there is more to it… they pick bags too, without being sexist at it!

4.  Drinks are easier in a guy company than a girl company. Guy friend would know the choicest of them and also, the new ones on the block. If at all you get doomed after a few, they guy best friend is caring, protective and responsible enough to leave you back home. Plus…it’s easier to loosen up with a guy over drinks.

5.  They never pick on you if you are not wearing a proper dress for the occasion. They like you for you, not for your dress or makeup or bags! Dare you wear a boring dress and be out with your girlfriends, you would know what I mean here!

6.  Guy best friends always have that handy stock of dirty jokes whenever you are feeling low and need to crack it up! Aaah.. that liberating feeling of speaking cuss words and sharing dirty jokes without feeling embarrassed! It’s like, letting your inner dude out! Can you do that with a girl? Can you??

7.  Guy best friend would always lend you his car to polish your driving skills, before you get down to your dad’s car! And guess what, he can teach you the guy driving secrets too! That’s exactly when you understand, why girls can never be better drivers than boys! (Sorry girls!)

8.  They always have a “Jugaad” for every wrong you commit! Or every trouble you land yourself into! And you see, they are not your boyfriend to nag you over the wrongdoings! They just help you and pat your back to pull you out!

9.  Parents are so much chilled out if they know you are out with your guy best friend and it’s not a whole girlie bunch, partying out late. They see the safety there and we too are relaxed in their company, right? All in the family. And more to it, they are pally with your brother too!

10.  You can fight with them, swear at them and yet, they would love you the most, and you love them back! They are never jealous over your possessions, never bitchy about your boyfriend, and never try to be the relationship nanny, just like some of your girlfriends!

So you see, we know for a fact that our dads and even our boyfriends will always be there for us. Girlfriends are good enough to party and talk dresses. But there is one role in our lives that only one person can fill. A guy BFF. And I’m talking about genuine BFFs, not needy dudes who pretend to be your friends and then bemoan their fate in the so called “friend-zone.”

And that is why some girls feel that having a guy as a best friend is far more comfortable trip through life.

To all those guy BFFs whom we always took for granted for & never really thanked enough.

This one is for you!


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