Why Girls Like Tall Guys? Find Out Here

girls prefer taller guys

Most girls prefer taller guys. You must have always observed in the couples around you that most men are taller than the women.

You may think of it as a mere co-incidence, but it is much more than just that.

As per the researches, most women consider height as a very important factor while looking for a man. This is the reason you see that most of the girls prefer taller guys who are at least a feet taller than them.

To begin with, let’s see why girls prefer taller guys since it is usually their common expectation. I am sure, you must have thought that most girls prefer taller guys as a co-incidence.

But a study was done on 720 couples, which comprised of just one taller woman with a short man. This stated the average of girls preferring short guys and it is way lesser than what we can even think of. Clearly, it is more of a woman’s selective preference.

In the research, it was noted that height is a ‘masculine’ characteristic in a relationship.

Men who are taller are considered more assertive. Though it is way too sexist, but people used to think earlier that a taller man can provide more protection to their mate, have better genetic qualities and is rewarded with better social status. I wonder how true that is. Be that as it may, girls find themselves attracted towards those men not because of these reasons but because of a certain manliness that they carry in front of those girls because of a taller height.

Also, culture has a huge role to play because the girls have always been told that taller men look better with them.

They are told that being with a taller man makes the couple look attractive and that’s what they have observed ever since. Well, if the rules are to be followed by women, they are bound to fall for taller men. But what about tall women?

Looks like they might have some difficulties in finding men, huh?

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