DDLJ Touch To NamObama… Imagine Our PM Speaking Hollywood

Obama speaks SRK dialogue

Obama Speaks Bollywood SRK Dialogue. On 26th January, 2015, India celebrated its 66th Republic Day with the U.S. President Barack Obama as the chief guest. His official speech at the Siri Fort is all over the news and will always be remembered for his famous quote from the movie DDLJ.

He said, “Senorita…bade bade desho mein…You know what I mean…” That’s it.

Could the audience ask for anything more?

This friendship between Narendra Modi and Obama is sure to have worked wonders.

Let us explore some hypothetical situations where if Narendra Modi were to quote lines from Hollywood movies:

Imagine Modi visits US again and this time his party is bigger and more powerful. The Madison Square Garden (hypothetically speaking) would have double the number of audiences outside and may be Rajdeep Sardesai would have to cover the event from a helicopter (just to avoid untoward incident).

So with all the feeling of power Modi goes on stage and tries to impress the audience with some famous lines from Hollywood movies:

He could open his speech with the line from Spiderman: “With great power comes great responsibility.

Since it is a hypothetical situation what is the harm in increasing the depth of imagination…

Yes, imagine Sonia Gandhi vising US to hear the Namo’s magic speech. Obviously the opening line from ‘Spiderman’ would attract expressions from her and Namo is sure to notice that.

So Namo defends… “Even tea vendors have a knack for Hollywood films. If you think I didn’t say the line properly then, frankly my dear I don’t give a damn.”

She is sure to be blown away with this line from ‘Gone with the Wind.’

Now Namo gets into an introductory mode about his friendship with Obama

Namo in James Bond style:

Bond…Namo’s bond with Obama.”

He goes on to address the audience about the possible conversation he would have with Obama later.

This time he gets into the ‘Godfather’ mode, “I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.

The entire Madison Square Garden goes crazy this time with audience howling and shouting and jumping on their seats. Although the lines are from Hollywood…coming from Namo the scenario would turn into a theatre scene where people have gathered to watch a masala Bollywood film.

He charms the audience with his Hollywood oratory skillset and towards the end he steps into Terminator’s shoes:

I’ll be back.

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