20 Gifting Ideas For Your Partner

Gift ideas

Gift ideas – One of the most effective ways to show somebody what you feel for them is by gifting them something.

It is not about giving expensive or elaborate gifts to your partner. The gift should mean something to them and should add some value to your relationship.

Here are 30 gift ideas for your partner.

Gift ideas

1 – Cards –

whether you are in school, college or are a professional, cards never go out of fashion.

Gift ideas

2 – Letters –

most of us do not write letters and prefer e-mails and text messages but the charm of writing a letter in your own handwriting cannot be replicated.

Gift ideas

3 – Chocolates –

everybody likes to have chocolates. No matter how old we get, we will always have a sweet tooth.

Gift ideas

4 – Pictures –

you might have a large number of pictures on your computer of the both of you. Choose the best ones, get a print-out and gift them to your partner.

5 – Cook for them –

even if you are not well-versed with cooking, get a recipe book and cook up your partner’s dish.

Gift ideas

6 – Surprise visit –

you have been out on a work trip and your partner does not know when you are going tocome back. Land on their doorstep unannounced and surprise them.

7 – Book a table in a restaurant –

book a table in their favourite restaurant or some lace which you have not visited earlier.

8 – Arrange for a visit by their family–

most of the working professionals live away from their families. Invite your partner’s parents to the city and organise an outing without informing about your partner about their arrival.

9 – A bottle of champagne –

now, this is something that will never get out of fashion. A bottle of fine champagne, some delicious dinner and some nice music playing in the background would make for a memorable evening.

10 – A long drive –

driving along a smooth in a car and having a great conversation, this is something that always cheers people up.

11 – Plan a surprise date –

dates are always exciting but they can get far more exciting if they come across as a surprise. Your partner, after a tiring day at work or college, would be surprised to see

Gift ideas

12 – Send a gift to their workplace –

A workplace is the last place where your partner would be expecting a gift to arrive for them. Sending a gift to their office would be a good way to surprise them.

13 – Take them out on a movie –

although a lot of people dothis, a common mistake they end up making is that they do not pick the movie wisely. It should be afilm that your partner and you must enjoy together. A romantic film or a chick-flick could be a good option.

14 – Make them meet their favourite celebrity –

this might be something that would be difficult to pull off but if you manage yo do it, they will be very impressed with you.

15 – Fulfill an important wish –

If you have known your partner for some time, you will be aware of a few things they wish to have. Fulfill a major wish they have had for a long time.

16 – Get a makeover –

everybody wants their partner to look good. If your partner has been insisting on you to trim your beard or change your wardrobe, this is the time to do it.

Gift ideas

17 – Tick off a holiday destination

both of you must have a list of places on your wish-list that you plan to visit one day. Tick off at least one destination from that list and visit it.

18 – Buy them something useful –

a lot of people opt for fancy items while selecting a gift for their partner. Instead of buying something they can use only for a short time, get them something they could use for a longtime.

19 – Teach them a skill –

Takesome time off your busy schedule and teachthem a skill they have been vying to learn for a very long time. It could be something like learning to play the guitar or playing a sport.

Gift ideas

20 – Memorabilia –

you are bound to have a collection of things that serve as a testimony to the two if you being in arelationship. Gift something outofthat collection to your partner.

Gift ideas

These are the Gift ideas – It is not the gift but the thought that counts. If you have bought or done something for your partner with a lot of love and sincerity, it will reach out to them. Do not stay fixated on doing something big for them.

A simple but heart-rending effort goes a long way in making them understand that you care for them.

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