5 DIY Gift Ideas For Boyfriend’s Birthday

gift ideas for boyfriend birthday

Gift ideas for boyfriend birthday – Deciding birthday gifts is not an easy task, especially when it’s your boyfriend’s birthday.

Giving clothes, shoes, watches and perfumes seem too extra-ordinary for the love you have for him. So, why don’t you create something for him?

No, not a birthday card but something that he can see your creativity and efforts in.

Well, don’t worry as here are the best 5 DIY gift ideas for boyfriend birthday:

Gift ideas for boyfriend birthday – 

  1. Handmade leather flask

If your man loves his scotch, you need to give him a classy leather flask for company. Now, just take any ordinary flask and get any of your old leather wallet or bag. Cut different leather stripes and paste them on that flask horizontally. For a final touch, write something nice on that flask.

  1. Hand stamped handkerchief

You can buy stamp, ink and handkerchiefs from any of your nearby store. All you have to do is stamp those handkerchiefs in a neat and clean manner and don’t forget to tell him that you did it yourself.

  1. DIY wall art

Buy an elegant photo frame that goes with this room’s wall. After that, just create an art on paper or simply write a quote on it yourself and put it in that frame. For sure, he will never remove it from that wall.

  1. 7 doses of love

Now this is something very romantic that he will love. Do you know that medicine boxes that come in 7 sections from Monday to Sunday? Well, just get it and put small candies in all those boxes. Give him a note telling that he has to eat a candy from it on respective days as a love dose.

  1. A jar full of memories

Take a cute jar and coloured papers. Now, right down all your favourite memories with him on bits of paper and put them in that box. Every time he will take a paper out of it, he will be smiling and remembering those memories.

These are DIY gift ideas for boyfriend birthday. If nothing, all that matters is your effort and he knows how much you love him. So, apart from the gifts, don’t forget to tell him how important the day is for you.

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