Why Gay Couples Are Happier Than Straight Couples

Gay Couples Are Happier

Finally, we live in a world where people are accepting gay romance with an open heart.

Though, there are still some homophobes out there, we are glad that a larger part of the society has accepted that being gay is as normal as being human. Having said that, I have a lot of gay friends and I must tell you that I find them happier than we are in life. Apart from the professional life where they sometimes experience few hurdles because of our stupid society, they have a pretty sorted love life. I don’t know if you guys have noticed or not, but gay couples are happier than straight couples and here are the reasons why.

1. Same sex and better understanding

We all know that only a guy understands another guy better and the same goes for girls. So, when it comes to a gay relationship, it is sorted as they belong to the same sex. Not just that, they understand how the mind as well as body works in a better way than any opposite sex would.

2. They have fought for their relationship

Being in a relationship and letting the world know about it, didn’t come easy for any gay couple. First, they had to fight with the world to accept them, then they had to open up to themselves and then come out in front of their family. Nothing was easy!

3. They are sensitive and happy

When both the people in a relationship are sensitive and happy too, it becomes easy to run a relationship. After all, they are attached to that bond in the same manner and likes being handled in the same way.

4. Life is tougher for them so they seek happiness

For them, life is not easy because they have to fight every second for their existence. Hence, when the world is biased towards them, they like being happy with the person who understands them equally. After all, we seek what we deserve.

5. Their relationship is not just based on sex

There may be instances in a straight couple’s relationship, where it is all about the physical attraction and curiosity to be around the opposite sex. For a gay couple, there is more emotional attachment than physical and that’s what makes things special.

These are the reasons Gay couples are happier – Be that as it may, we are happy that gay couples are fighting for their place in this cruel world and we hope this world will be a better place for them one day.

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