Canteen diaries: Crushing on my English professor

English lectures were my favorite in college as I had a massive crush on my professor.

Whenever our English professor used to read Oscar Wilde’s ‘Importance of Being Ernest’ in class, I would blush a little. Because it would be the coming together of two of my favourite people in the world. Wilde, the love of my life, and Prof Sharma, the crush of my college days. I used to act totally insane in front of all the other profs, but during Sharma sir’ lectures, I would be this smitten puppy who would behave like a 16-year-old. Awww…such awesome days!


Wilde is one of my favourite authors; anybody who knows me would vouch for that. But this prof made Wilde look better somehow. He would enter the class and start off with a nice quote or a jolly incident, before beginning the day’s lessons. I would look forward to him and his lectures as much as someone looking forward to the Holy Grail. Such was my love and devotion for this sir. It’s quite normal to crush on professors as they are everything you aspire to be or would never be. The fact that this is taboo adds a bit of glamour to the entire ‘crush phase’. Because anything that’s forbidden, especially when you’re in college, is something that excites you and makes you want to pursue it. Not that I was looking to take this crush anywhere, but it held a certain charm and it would always be special to me.


In all my fantasies, sir would be Jack and I would be Gwendolyn from Importance of Being Ernest…never Romeo and Juliet. Because the latter couple was star-crossed lovers, while the former pair unites at the end of the play. See? I remember being one of those people in lectures who would ALWAYS submit their projects and behave all prim and propah in front of the prohfs. But of course, this behaviour was limited to English classes alone and by virtue of this, I became his pet student. Oh, the joy! I would be called upon to run mundane errands that would fill me with absolute happiness. I remember bumping into Sharma sir in the canteen with my face stuffed with food and I didn’t know which way to look or what to do. Here I am, looking like a goof and he is looking dashing in a black Bandhgala. Not fair!


Nobody studies for exams in college and definitely not for the English paper. But I was an exception, thanks to Mr handsome I was so head-over-heels for. I would study, revise and study again…in order to score well. Luckily for me, I managed to top his class, for which he gave me a Parker pen. I still have it, unused of course. In a way, English became my bread and butter and I am thankful to him for making me the writer that I am today. Without crush and all that jazz, I wouldn’t have concentrated on my lessons. Mr Sharma, wherever you’re, thank you very much.

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