Is Multitasking An Overrated Fad Or An Absolute Must For Your Career?


Multitasking! It is increasingly becoming a very popular phenomenon, in personal as well as professional domains.

Every new and seasoned professional seems to be chanting the multitasking mantra so much that it is actually coming across as an overrated fad now!

Is it, is it not? Let us find out through this lay-down here.

It is a known fact that organisations today strive to maximize their productivity with limited resources at hand. And hence, it has become increasingly important for professionals to handle several responsibilities simultaneously. The challenge here lies with the intern students and young professionals participating in international internships and training programs. While they must take the full advantage of this opportunity to improve on their prioritization and multitasking skills in the workplace, they are also required to produce results to compete, for the higher positions. Undoubtedly, the multitasking skills prove useful in their future careers.

And how do they do that?

It Helps To Learn To Switch Focus, Effectively! 

When the professionals attempt to do several things simultaneously, their brains actually switch their focus from one task to another instead of doing two things simultaneously. This definitely enhances the brain power. Those who are good at multitasking are simply switching back and forth and some people are able to perform this switch extremely quickly, which is a plus for them. As a young professional, who has to deliver effectively, and If you have a number of activities that have a concurrent timeframe for completion, develop a work plan to accommodate that. And learning to switch will help you to progress the tasks simultaneously. International interns working in offices in multinationals can learn how to effectively multitask by planning a schedule that accommodates all of the responsibilities they have to accomplish in a specified time frame. Developing solid time management skills are also very important in such situations.

It Helps To Use The Right Tool for the Jobs, Effectively 

The younger lot is really lucky that, modern day work places are evolving. There are a multitude of tools available to help the energetic professionals to manage their time and workload. Online calendars, time management software and mobile devices such as smartphones are all excellent ways interns can keep track of what they need to do and be as productive as they can be. And these devices are amazing tools to multitasking. In all reality, careers are made or broken by the soft skills that make you able to handle a large workload, through various devices. The ability to quickly process and synthesize information and turn it into actions is one of the most emergent skills of the professional world today. And that is definitely polished with multitasking.

Therefore, I would say that multitasking is definitely a great tool to enhance careers, provided you learn it the right way in the right environment. Also, exploiting this skill to the best, with an objective to produce effective results is also an imperative skill one needs to develop.

Compete in the competitive professional environment with the right tools.

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