Send These Flirty, Dirty, And Hot Texts To Your Hubby And Make Him Go Mad For You

flirty dirty texts

Flirty dirty texts – For any successful relationship, it is important to be naughty and flirty always.

If you feel that the sparks are dying away in your relationship, then it is time to reignite the sparks like the old days, when you would go horny with your texts. Yes, you do spend time together, but if you both find yourself far from each other then you should heat up the passion with naughty, flirty texts.

Don’t be shy, take a look at these flirty dirty texts and send them right away.

Flirty dirty texts –

  1. “Do you know you can lose 6.4 calories a minute during kissing? Want to try?”
  1. “Have you noticed how beautiful your lips are and I love them over mine.”
  1. “The right place for your clothes is on the bedroom floor. What say?”
  1. “I want to cuff your hands and I want you to touch me. Do you know what I mean?”
  1. “I love wine and I feel your lips taste like wine- sugary, smoky and fruity”
  1. “Darling come closer to me and let me take you to the sensual world”
  1. “I want you to go bold and touch me like you have never touched before”
  1. “This is what I want you to do- Kiss me, bite my neck, caress me with your tongue, make me go wild in pleasure and continue till I am shaking.”
  1. “I want you to hug me in such a way that we make wild, wild sex”
  1. “I can’t focus on my work on anything, do you know why? It’s been 2 days since we made love and I am horny AF”

These are flirty dirty texts – Still thinking? If you want steamy bedroom scenes, then you ought to send these to your hubby and keep the spark alive in your marriage.

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