Why Falling In Love Is As Good As Getting Your Head Smashed Against The wall!

Falling in love

Falling in love – Love may make the world go round.

It may make us want to give up on life and be devoted to our lovers, but it’s a feeling similar to banging your head against the wall.

Because Falling in love happens when you’re not looking, it’s impact can change your life for the better or for worse and when you get hit by the love big, you’re down and out for a while.

There are certain prudes out there who call true love overrated and even in unachievable, while some swear by its beauty, passion and worth. Irrespective of the category you fall into, you should know that love is noting but a temporary swollen state (just like a bump), which gets cured with the of passing time.

Even though the sensation of missing somebody so much that you become damaged is an important indication of love, it doesn’t do much when you’re nursing a swelling of he heart, mind and souls. Love is supposed to be the selfless act of caring for someone, but love is mostly possessive, hungry for more and hyperactive.

In fact on most days, we would rather get hit on the head than fall for somebody.


Because It’s said that when you fall in love, your heart beats a lot faster than it usually does. And this makes your whole body pump more blood in order to keep the adrenaline flowing to your heart so it behaves itself. It’s not just your heart that goes overboard, your brain is up to twenty percent smarter and quicker during your lovey-dovey days. And this can easily give you a heart attack!

If the prospect of spending your whole life with someone doesn’t care you, the heart attack bit should. Remember, getting whacked in the head is still better than a cardiac arrest. No?

But do you know what’s even worse than banging your head against the wall? Unrequited love. Ouch…

When the love is one-sided, your senses are further enhanced as every cell in your body is doing all it can to make you attractive and desirable for the other person. In short, it’s taking up your last reserved energy to make somebody care for you.  Yes, this is exactly why you take the extra five minutes in the bath, you suddenly turn fashion-conscious and take good care of your hygiene.

But you also end up wasting time, energy and precious money!

Falling in love – Don’t let our analogy scare you into running away from love. It you do manage to find the right person, go ahead and make it last…

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