What Is True Love? We Are Going To Redefine It For You!

True Love

Some may call true love overrated, while some swear by its beauty and passion. Irrespective of the category you fall into, you’re itching to know what the hell true love is…right?

Is it the sensation of missing somebody so much that you become damaged?

Is it the selfless act of caring for somebody? Or is it simply the ‘can’t-keep-hands-off-each-other’ phase?

Or is it the act of being so comfortable in each other’s company that you don’t mind burping, farting and eating with your mouth wide open in their presence? Well, this is a question best left for purists who give so much importance to finding one true ‘soulmate’.

Love is more of an Utopian concept these days than a simple matter of ‘head-over-heels-and-damned-about-it’ feeling. Perhaps that’s why, finding love has become so tough. Thanks to information overload and social networking sites, the joy of anticipation is lost.

In fact, the meaning of true love has been redefined. It is something that makes you want to meet the person in real, despite your virtual dates. It’s something where you have to talk to him/her, no matter how many pings you exchange in a day, and it’s that feeling where you don’t have to indulge in social PDA to prove your affections for each other. If you are doing any of the above things, you can be sure that you have find love. And if you want to stay loyal and faithful to him/her, you could say that you have found TRUE love.

Let’s face it, the days of letters and landline phones are way behind us. Remember how couples hung around phones or letter boxes for so long that everybody in the lane knew that something was brewing? But now, there are so many ways to connect, keep tab and even spy on that love seems to be just a fraction of our emotions. Yes, the connectivity does help in Long Distance Relationships when you are away from your partner and it sure shrinks the world and tell us what he/she is up to. But this constant information overload isn’t love, is it? It’s just the idea of having a sounding board that knows the ins and outs of your life. Well, what more can we expect from this generation?!

Love is still that heady feeling you get when you see him/her. It’s still the all-consuming emotion that makes you blind to realities. It’s that idea of security and protection that makes you forget the evils in the world. It’s you who has to decided whether you want the old-world romance or the new-age affair…

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