Reasons Why The Eldest Siblings Are Most Intelligent


When two siblings lock horns, they raise hell and when they shake hands, they reconcile the phrase, ‘it takes two to tango’.

A relationship between two siblings is like a bittersweet symphony with sudden outbreaks of thunderstorms. But the, when one sibling attains more attention from the parents, the other’s rebellious self comes to the fore. The division of attention depends on how they perform well in the respective classes, remember how Yohaan Awasthi always took away the cake for being brilliant while small Ishan looked on and always found himself at the receiving end of judgments?

Well, in most of the cases, elder siblings tend to be more intelligent like Yohaan and here are the reasons why.

They receive more mental stimulation from the parents:

It is also widely believed that first-born children are more endeared by the parents and hence they receive extra mental stimulation. They are under constant performance pressure hence which boosts their grey matters.

First-borns receive more emotional support from the parents:

Judging by the Indian customs, first born children are expected to shoulder a larger share of taking care of their parents in their advanced age so parents provide more emotional support to the first born and pamper them more which is the driving force behind their intelligence.

They are burdened with the unfulfilled ambitions of the parents:

In most of the cases, elder siblings pursue a better career than the younger ones because parents tend to thrust their unfulfilled ambitions onto them and they are hence, always in the grind. They work on themselves with extra care and hence intelligence is boosted.

First-borns are more quick to understand things:

They are born ahead of the younger one hence seasoned with the family matters. They grow a sense of responsibility at once the younger sibling is born. In most of the cases, the elder siblings play a father or mother, well almost to the younger sibling and hence they become more intelligent over the time.

First-borns are more family oriented:

Family matters to a lot to the first born children and they are compassionate towards the younger one. From their early childhood, they are taught to sacrifice and give their family priority which drives them more responsible to the external matters too. Their minds wander less in clouds and grounded more in reality, hence they tend to be more intelligent than the younger siblings.

Elder siblings are deluged with advices:

Elder siblings are always at the butt of advices from the relatives. They are pestered for getting married as soon as they landed a job, bearing children to the family as soon as the marriage is well past a year and so on .Hence, they know which advice to keep and which to dodge. Doing this over the years make them intelligent.

First-borns have better IQ than the younger siblings and this is prevalent in many cases. The fact is scientifically proven as studies have been carried out by a long chalk.

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