Monkey Buffet, the unique Festival of Thai’s and Mongoloid’s

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In November, the month for the festival of the monkeys that is known as the “Monkey Buffet” Festival. Monkeys population in Thailand is more than 6000 but due to the lack of food, they are rarely seen in public areas. This festival is for the monkeys as a tribute to the disciple of God Rama with platters of foods, fruits are served for the ancient rampages.

The ceremony starts with a warm welcome from the Thai people. Music, dances, and food are the around, dances are addressed to the monkeys. The performers dance in different costumes. Interesting costume and the dance part is the performances in monkey costumes.

monkey buffet 2

For more than three decades the festival takes place arranged by the Mongoloids and Thai people. No other part of the world has such a unique culture and festival that continues in Thailand.

Reason of celebration

The Indian epic Ramayana mentions the role of Hanuman and his troupe of monkeys. When Rama was on his way to rescue Sita his wife, and he had to face obstacles. The major obstacle was to cross the ocean to reach Sri Lanka. The Vanaras or apes constructed a floating bridge so that Rama can cross the ocean and reach his destination. Ram Setu still is visible from above the joins as a pathway between the Pamban island to the Mannar island in Srilanka.

The task was not easy to complete the bridge without the help of the Hanuman, the disciple of Rama, and the Vanara Sena. Somewhere, the belief of the monkeys to be the primitive of human races are considered as valuable. Here are the people carrying the gene of Malay or Indonesian mongoloids from regions of Thailand participate apart from the Thai.

The national epic of Thailand is Ramayana, according to them the monkey buffet festival is a tribute to Lord Rama and his disciple. The epic is known as “Ramakien”, and they pay this tribute each year to their lord who exists from 3000 years earlier.

Honoring the Monkeys

Heaps of fruits and vegetables are beautifully decorated on the tables with drinks and water. The festival is organized every year in the ancient parts, at the Phra Prang Sam Yod temple. Travelers visiting in November find it one of the most interesting places to visit. When several monkeys run around, eating, squeezing the juices, pulling off the plates from the tables arranged with foods.

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Lopburi is the oldest city in Thailand that has the highest population of apes and so this unique festival is celebrated in the Phra prang Sam Yod temple. The Monkey buffet festival ensures a beautiful gathering and participation of the animals and humans. The performers make the sounds of monkeys to call them and involve them in the buffet. They jump to the ground at once at their call and observing the heaps of food for them.

Tribute to the ancestors or their God, it is fun to watch the monkeys being happy with the food and playing with the visitors around.

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