12 People Reveal The Worst Way They Got Dumped And It’s Really, WORST!

Dump Stories

Dump Stories – A “breakup” is not always simple.

You know, IF you’re unlucky then it can be ugly too. It’s certainly good IF you haven’t experienced it. But you cannot run from the fact that there are many out there who had it in a worst, worst way. Getting dumped is a heartbreaking thing and even more heartbreaking when you’re dumped in a worst way. You know; only two words can describe it “IT SUCKS”.

Recently, a Redditor asked a question “what is the worst way you got dumped?” and many people shared their story. You’re going to end up saying “Damn! That was really, really worst.”

Keep reading the dump stories.

  1. I got dumped on her birthday. I’d got her the wrong present. I was going to give her a fancy teddy bear and a bunch of flowers, but it turned out what she really wanted was to be with some other guy.
  2. I flew and drove over 24 hours to a different country to watch my boyfriend cheat on me.
  3. She just stopped talking to me. We weren’t official; had been seeing each other very regularly for a few months. Then, one week she stopped replying to my texts, wasn’t opening my Snapchat, etc. I was worried something happened to her. Apparently I was supposed to get the hint. But we went from having a great time and seeing each other several times a week to very little/no communication. When we did talk she never explicitly said she was done seeing me until about two months later. Come on, why not just tell me?
  4. Two days ago my boyfriend left me for the second time after his mommy told him too. I also got some really awful texts from his overseer about how I’m ruining his life and if I had any decency I would have stayed away the first time his family forced him to leave me. He’s 23. My heart is broken.
  5. Called me into town directly after I had finished work to “talk” in my favorite bar. I don’t enjoy going in there as much now: /
  6. He got his new girlfriend to call me and dump me!
  7. Dated for four years. We went to the beach with my family that weekend, and all drove in the same car. I and he rode in the backseat on the way home and I fell asleep on his shoulder. I woke up from a text from him saying he was dumping me…so not only did we treat this guy to a free vacation, he had the audacity to dump me while I was asleep, through a text, in front of my parents, while we were all trapped in a car for the next 3 hours.
  8. I was dumped all the while not knowing I had being dumped. She sort of ghosted me for a couple of months and then it hit me.
  9. Her new boyfriend came and told me.
  10. She dumped me the day my Mom died because she didn’t like me crying.
  11. Through email after being together for a year, because “it was easier for her that way”
  12. She moved, changed her number, and didn’t tell me. That’s a shitty way to get dumped.

Dump Stories – Do you have anything to add in this list? IF yes, then let us know in the comment section below.

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