10 Double Meaning Worthy Texts That You Want To Send Your Crush This Valentine’s Day

Double meaning text for valentine day  – So, it’s Valentine’s Day knocking on the door and we assume you have already rolled up the sleeves to take your girl to a roller-coaster ride after the textbook movie-dinner date.

You were playing court for quite long and it’s time you made your call to action.

While you turned your eyes on taking your relationship to another level, you must have a blue-print readied in your mind already. So, here are some Double meaning text for valentine day to send your crush for sending her the subtle hints. All the best on preparing the pitch guys *wink*

Double meaning text for valentine day –

 “I just want to be upfront and say that I visually enjoy you”

Visual enjoyment could mean a lot of things, so she should get the hint if she is smart.

“What’s long, hard and has cum in it? Cucumber. But I like the way you think.”

So, your dirty mind is in full swing now and she will respond if gets the sense.

“If you kiss my neck, I’m not responsible for what happens next”

Send the ball in her court, smart boys do that a lot.

“You are like a drug, I should leave you alone but I want more”

Get high on her!

‘I licked it, so it’s mine’

Whoa! We are talking about ice-cream. What did you think?

‘It feels so good because I was awaiting it so long’

You mean the movie date, don’t you?

‘You are like country roads, the best ones, so have best curves’

So, take me home or come to mine!

‘If I taste you, I will realize how much have I been starving’

Erm.. well!

“I am pretty sure I didn’t meet you just for nothing”

Time stretched and squeezed, stars realigned to arrange for our communion, so who are we to hurt their sentiment?

“I want to see your feet on my shoulders”

She too may have her preferences, she will immediately reply with them if interested.

“I think you are suffering from the lack of Vitamin ME”

If she too is up for some nutrition, she will just make your day..erm! night.

These are double meaning text for valentine day  – Girls often hide their feelings as the society has conditioned them to do, but they too have wildest sexual fantasies. Not always they will surface their feelings, but once you initiate the conversation, they will leap at the chance. So, don’t break free the friendzone and establish some physical intimacy, before that, know the weather condition there (you know where) before sowing your old oats.

All the best guys and Happy Valentine’s day in advance!

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