You Can’t Help But Love These Bad Bollywood Movies

Every year, Bollywood lays down a movie or two that get on our nerves. Leave alone plotline, they even lack the power to make us think. While we immediately forget about them after leaving the theatre, when Sony Max plays them repetitively, god knows why we sit through them as though paralyzed! Watching them is sadism, not exaggerating and here are some of such movies that we could not, erm! help but love.


To some of them, watchin Mela is as criminal as watching porn. But we can’t help derive guilty pleasure. Well, no matter how emotionally destructive this is, don’t judge us Mela lovers. And that song ‘Dekho 2000 zamana aa gaya’ while he matches his footsteps just made us freak out always! for the love of mindless joys!


This is a staple in Set Max and we can watch it tirelessly. Don’t ask us why, because in answer you will get a blank look. Have you ever answered ‘kya re?’ when someone asked you ‘excuse me’? then we are sure you are addicted and out of control. The scenes of Bantu and Chintu dressing up as girls are still so fresh in our memory, leave alone Riya Sen’s overblown dialogue deliveries. We still wonder why a seasoned actor like Sharman Joshi might have given his nod to this script.

Main Prem Ki Diwani Hu:

If it was not for Hrithik Roshan’s biceps, and Kareena Kapoor’s overacting, we could not get as addicted to this film. Kareena was seen in the worst of the roles in her entire celluloid career and nothing can beat it on that merit till now. Even ghastly, the badly animated talking parrot which, well, talked way too much. Also, that hysterically goody two-shoes Hrithik Roshan’s character made us really uncomfortable. In total, it was a sadistically enjoyable disaster that Indian cinema has ever experienced.

Khiladiyon ka Khiladi:

Akshay Kumar and Rekha gave a shot under the shower which was vehemently sensuous and we can go back to watching this movie over and over again for the same. The theory of guilty pleasure is applicable here too! Also, the bizarre meter hit its highest of high when they featured the fake version of WWE legend, The Undertaker. Why?


Well, we have dedicated many listicles to Shah Rukh Khan because no one can go without loving him. But if you asked us to opine on his best films, we would definitely not enlist Baadshah in it. But Baadhshah is an entertaining watch for more than one reasons. To tell you, the giggle-worthy camaraderie between Johny Lever and Shah Rukh Khan really tug at our heart strings. This film is apt to watch on a lazy Sunday afternoon as you take the weight off your heels and spread on the couch.

However nonsense, these films are our favorites for more reasons than one.

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