The Changes You Experience When Your Parents Are On Facebook

Is it too bad to have parents as part of your friends list? Well, that actually depends on the kinds of posts you share or your friends share while tagging you at the same time.

Facebook is one of the best online platforms for you to socialise with your friends.

Nevertheless, every good element has its bad side. One of the downsides that most youngsters on this networking site consider is having their parents on Facebook.

Is it such a bad thing? Well, that actually depends on the kinds of posts you share or your friends share while tagging you at the same time.

Below highlighted are a few inconveniences that individuals go through when their parents become part of the Facebook family.

The Request

So, you login to your Facebook account, when the notification section catches your eye. “A new friend request; I wonder who it is!”….MUM!!

Accepting the Request

Open wide eyes in a state of shock (well, sort of) is your reaction. Whether to accept the request or not is the main dilemma.

Profile Stalking

“It’s my parents. I will accept their request. How bad can this be?” Once you accept the friend request, you gradually realise that they are stalking your profile. Every night during dinner, you are questioned about the kinds of posts that appear on your newsfeed.

Powerlessness to Alter Relationship Status

Another massive quandary is not being able to update your relationship status. Your significant other has been coaxing you for some time now to accept the relationship request, but you are sceptical of what reaction might generate when your parents see the update.

Photo Tags

Tagging in pictures becomes another issue of a sort. “Yaar tune mujhe daruwali photo mein tag kyun kiya?” This is one of the heated discussions you have with your friend the day after your parents lecture you about the same.

Change Profile Picture Request

You find comments in your profile picture section that demand changing into something else. This request usually comes from parents, who desire that their child looks presentable at all times.

Sending Friend Request to Friends

Your parents eventually go on to send friend request to your mates. This is when you often receive calls from your friends asking whether to accept the request or not. A true predicament, I should say.

Constant Criticism

You cannot update a status or photo while in a lecture. You immediately get a comment asking you to focus on the lecture rather than putting Facebook on pedestal.

No More Depressing Posts

Sad posts are a strict no. You do not want to get your parents worried, for if they comment on the status, it would turn into a status for all your friends to read. Nobody wants that.

Daughter/Son Post Tagging

Time and again, you get tagged to daughter/son posts that display love and affection shared between parents and their offspring.

Having parents in your friends’ list is not that bad. After all, it is an experience on a virtual platform and needs to be taken within the stride.

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