Do You Know Why We Celebrate St. Valentine’s Day?


On Valentine’s Day also known as Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, every year people exchange cards, gifts or flowers with their special Valentine.

Every year around 150 million cards are exchanges, making this day second popular card sending fest after Christmas!

People across the world celebrate this day of romance but in India it is frowned upon. Many socio-political groups shun this saying ‘this is not in our culture’. People do not know that Indian’s had the culture of celebrating love. Any ways the debate will go on and on while some Indians who are interested in this fest do celebrate with their loved ones.

Some Indians may do not know why people across celebrate this day in the name of St. Valentine!

Those who are interested to know! Read on…

The famous Legend.

There are many legends associated with this day.

One of them is a tragic one!

The folklore contends that Valentine was a priest from Rome. When Emperor Claudius outlawed marriage of young men, it was St. Valentine who thought that this is an out right injustice.

He performed weddings for young lovers in secret. As soon as the Emperor came to know about his actions, he ordered that Valentine must be put to death.

Also many do not know that there are many Valentine’s Days!

History registers many St. Valentines. So besides Feb 14, people also celebrate St. Valentine of Viterbo on November 3 and also traditional Valentine celebrations happen for St. Valentine of Raetia on January 7. Many women across the world choose to pay homage to only female St. Valentine (Valentina) on July 25.

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