10 Facts About Switzerland That Will Change Your Perception About This Country

Switzerland – Yash Chopra movies saved us a lot of money that we would require to travel to the most beauteous travel destination in Europe.

There were songs that were shot in the Euro rail which gave us an eyeful of the lush scenery spread across the Alps and then there were the snow-cloaked mountain peaks where the protagonists in love serenaded each other. That’s the idea of Switzerland for the middle class Bollywood fanatics over here.

But then, Switzerland is more than what meets the eye there. We are referring to the reliable banks, the delectable chocolates et al.

However, some other facts about Switzerland that you perhaps have never known before such as liberal gun laws, legalisation of bribes and fines based on your income, sounds weird? Know about them in detail below:

This country has no capital and president:

Most of us are of the belief that Bern is the capital of Switzerland but we feel sad to burst your bubble, it’s not. Similarly, Alain Berset is not the president of Switzerland. There are 4 languages spoken in the country and the citizens enjoy the rights to cancel any law they don’t cotton to. What’s more, there have been no racial conflicts so far in Switzerland.

It has the most liberal law about guns:

Switzerland is known to remain neutral in any military conflicts that made us thinking they are pacifists, which is surely not the case. This is obligatory for the men of 18 years to take up the military service. Hence, the military reserve has the biggest part of the male population. The crime rate is pretty low in Switzerland which has 8 million people and 4 million guns. Beat that!

They have legal bribing:

After actively fighting bribery in the year 2017, in which Switzerland took the 3rd place, it later made bribery legal citing it to be a form of payment for a specific service. They deemed this to be more effective than fighting bribery. Smart lot, huh?

The fines are held as per your income:

They charge you the biggest of fine for speeding. While the fines in the other countries are not fixed, Switzerland fines a person as per the amount of money he earns. With the pay notching up, the fines do too. This is a form of justice to the people there.

They export chocolate in huge quantity:

The famous chocolate of Switzerland is Toblerone of which more than 7 million bars are exported every year. Also, the company called Valcambi that produces gold bars which are called CombiBar, shaped as chocolates. These are easily breakable into small bits, which weigh 1 gram and pay for things.

The Swiss army knife is produces in Rome:

The Swiss army knife dates eons back than 19th century which was produced in Rome. The earlier specimen you will find in the Cambridge museums, a tool to produce these per se that included a spoon, a fork, a blade, a toothpick, a spatula and a special kind of a spike.

Aren’t these facts interesting about the Swiss government, heritage and society? We are really amazed!

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