Yes! Similar To The Earthquakes Moon Have Moonquakes


Earthquakes have been a known natural calamity to humans but apart from it, the moonquakes are also observed similar to earthquakes. The serious damages of both can be similar but the place of occurrence is different. It occurs when the stars, moon, and the surfaces of other planets start shaking. Due to the transmission of the seismic wave, the moonquakes take places that may cause severe problems to the surroundings.

Till today, there have been reoccurrences but did not much effect or violent circumstances. The chances of the powerful quakes can last longer from 2 seconds to two minutes. There are four types of situations the moon experiences during the severe shakes.

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Different kinds of moonquakes

Earthquakes have caused human life to faces dangers worldwide. Few countries in the world are on the list as it occurs at any time. Billions of people have to face the disaster with damages causing to their houses and ending many lives. Similarly, moonquakes occur which indirectly causes an effect on the earth.

Deep moonquakes:  One of the severe types the earth experiences during the tidal pull on the earth. The connection between the moon and earth remains unbreakable during both the good and bad times. Tidal waves are the instigation of the moon while on other hand the earth also reacts to the severe movements of the waves and the moon.

Meteor moonquakes: The strikes of the small to smallest meteors are moving around. The striking of the meteors is likely unavoidable to cause the shaking if it strikes the moon. The meteors which strike the surface of the moon also cause it too had shaken the entire astronomical body.

Thermal Moon quakes The most commonly occurring shaking of the moon. When the moon faces the dark side, it is when we have seen the half-moon. The moon is frozen causing the temperature to fall to -240 F. While as it faces the sunshine the frozen parts of the moon begin to melt with the rising of the temperature of + 250F. So, the drastic change in thermal conditions causes the moon to shake. It is an often activity that the satellite faces.

Shallow moonquakes: The moon is a single plated celestial body similar to Mars and therefore it does not have any active tectonic plates. This is one of the reasons that the moon facing shallow quakes causing severe damages to the collapse of the surface of the moon.

The quakes can be from mild to severe ones. It can last more than earthquakes as it has higher seismic waves as well as can absorb energy.

Moon is alive!

The shakes of the moon that can be different forms and the connection to the other celestial bodies and planets proves about the life. About 25 gallons of water are present on the surface, few in the form of valor and ice. The astronaut who traveled to the satellite was able to walk, the moonwalkers who stepped in were Aldrin the Apollo 11, Charles Duke the Apollo 16, David Scott the Apollo 15, Harrison Schmitt the Apollo 17.

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