Awesome News for App Users! Microsoft Launches Windows Apportals for App Management!

To solve all the problems of application management for users, Microsoft has unveiled their brand new initiative called the Windows Apportals .

In an attempt to reduce the woes of the business users, Microsoft has launched the Windows Apportals, a brand new app management tool. 

This Windows 8.1 app has been developed to integrate your entire LOB (Line of Business) into a singular touch based experience.

The concept that works behind the development of this tool is quite simple- Microsoft aimed at introducing similar nested folder structure common in a desktop OS to the modern mobile OS. Hence, the Windows 8 app can simplify the ways in which apps are located, grouped and distributed.  

The User Interface (UI) of the Windows Apportals will allow the users to begin from the Start screen and shift to the mini-Start screen. The USP of this app management tool is that it had been built from the OS. Hence, anything that runs and works on Windows 8 will work and run on Apportals as well. It also includes Desktop Windows 7 Applications; Modern Windows 8 Apps; and Web Applications. 

Once the apps are installed on windows 8, they might be a little to find. People working on this OS must have faced such situations. The apps are sometimes located on the Start screen and at other times they are on the App screen. So in order to find an app, the users first search for it vertically and then again horizontally. This makes the entire process difficult and time consuming. The best thing to do would be to search for them in the installed apps, but it has been noted that users generally do not do it. 

To remove such complexities, Microsoft has introduced the Windows Apportals. This app will help you to organize your apps better. For instance, if you have a number of apps related to the HR department then you can now arrange them under a single HR file. As you tap on this file, a new Start screen will appear and show all the apps related to it. 

As far as updating the new app management tool is concerned, Microsoft has planned to deploy and update it automatically through the users’ Corporate App Store. Desktop Windows 7 applications, Windows Store/Metro-Style Windows 8 applications, and Web applications or any other combination in a single Apportal will be supported. The business users can either build their own Apportal or seek the help of the Microsoft partners for the same. 

This new app management tool for Windows 8 sounds promising but whether it will be receive the desired success is another story.

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