Things That Will Help You Decide Whether You Should Indulge In Dating At Workplace

Dating At Workplace

Dating At Workplace – On a general note you spend eight to ten hours in the office every day.

You exchanged pleasantries at an office party, got to know each other over instant messaging and then exchanged flirty emotions on video calling. Now as you play peacock at the water cooler and are up late until night taking time out for your big presentation, you get a feeling that you’re probably mixing business with pleasure.

Traditionally a workplace romance used to be off limits or at least kept deceitfully behind closed doors, the Gen Next seems no harm in keeping it open, marking a yet another societal change.

Even if you’re happy you’re unsure about dating your colleague or junior. Romantic relationships at workplace can have several advantages and disadvantages as well.

So while you wonder if it is the right thing to do, we tell you if Dating At Workplace is okay or not.


  1. Workplace morale

When you see someone falling in love, it makes you feel positive as well. The attitude of two people in a romantic relationship is generally similar and hence uplifting, which in turn makes them happy people. And the happier you are in your personal life, the better will be your performance in professional life.

  1. Motivation

The level of motivation at work depends on the way your relationship is growing. Because workplace romances are generally negatively seen, the people involved tend to perform better so as to prove the others wrong. Nobody wants to be labelled as distracted or lost, which makes them put in more effort, and therefore increases the productivity.

  1. Creativity

Because you’re constantly in company of someone who shares a similar work profile you get to learn a lot. Apart from exchange of pleasantries and flirty texts, you exchange things that are relevant to your work profile.

  1. Work related conflicts

Romantic relationships in the workplace allow the involved to become more open and willing to cooperate with other team members. Such kind of behavioural change could lead to more effective discussions, work groups and in the end, a more productive atmosphere.


  1. Career advancements

Assuming that you’re dating someone from the same team, when it’s time for a promotion or performance review, if the one you’re involved with does better, you’re bound to feel bad(for yourself), no matter how happy you’re for him/her.

  1. Complicate things

When workplace relationships end up badly, it will not only ruin the relationship between two co workers, but can also eliminate any personal connections that the employees had with their previous partners.

  1. Work BFFs confusion

So the two of you were in the same team and both of your work BFFs’ knew about your involvement. However when you split up, it is hard and awkward for them to choose and talk to their colleagues. Also, there could be a chance that your co-workers who knew about the two of you used your relationship as a bait to climb the ladder, while you just kept arguing.

  1. De motivation

It’s kind of surprising that a romantic relationship at workplace could be motivating as well as de motivating. As I said earlier, the level of motivation or de motivation depends on how much has your relationship grown. Admit it or not, but your power of concentrating definitely gets affected when you’re involved with somebody at office.

Love is energizing and inspiring. But what you cannot ignore here is that a sense of favoritism may inspire your actions while you’re at work.

While you get to see your sweetheart for more than ten hours a day, do you really have anything else to talk about other than work?

Pros and cons of Dating At Workplace – Also, if the company prospers, you guys happily buy a house and move in together, but if it tanks, you guys are out together on the streets. How romantic is that! Think about it.

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