Dating A Nerdy Girl ! Ten Pros And Cons You Should Know

Dating a nerdy girl

Dating a nerdy girl – Not just active girls are attractive, but nerdy girls are interesting too.

You might have fallen for a nerdy girl and thinking of what next?! Before deciding of what next?! What exactly does this word ‘nerdy’ means?! Well, the very standard meaning of the word says ‘unfashionable and boring’. With the changing trends and the internet slang, people refer to this word in many circumstances.

As we have seen the meaning of the word, it time to think of what next?! If you are the one that have been thinking of what it to be to like a nerdy girl – here are some pros and cons for the same. Check the various pros and cons of dating a nerdy girl. Here you go.

Dating a nerdy girl –

Pros of it:

  1. Heard of the nerdiest sense of humour?

Ever heard a nerdy talking?! Trust me, they sound really interesting, weird and adorably cute too. You’ll enjoy their company to the fullest.

Dating a nerdy girl

  1. Nerdy girls often turn out to be super rich

Really, most of them turn out to be billionaires. And so, you are dating an super rich geeky head. Lucky you buddy.

Dating a nerdy girl

  1. Nerd girls are set of enthusiastic souls out there

They are girls that finds almost everything on this planet too interesting. So, that always keeps up them active and joyous at any point of time.

  1. Set forth to experience her vast land of sensible imagination

She takes you into the vast land of imagination, which you’d totally fall in love with.Introduces to the world of sensible imagination that she calls her world.

Dating a nerdy girl

  1. Nerd girls – Ambiverts

You might take them to be either of introvert or extrovert. But the fact is, they are ambivert i.e. balancing being both. Or can be said, they act according to the circumstances.

Dating a nerdy girl

  1. They are low maintenance buddies

The best part about them is that, they least care about the price tag of the gift that you present them. They look for some true love and not for an costly affair.

Dating a nerdy girl

Like, a coin has two sides – there are another side of this. Let’s check into the cons of dating a nerdy girl!!

Cons of this:

  1. Too ambitious and that would get you bored.

The geeky girls are too ambitious that it is just impossible for you to get them distracted from. Though this seems to be motivational, in long you get bored of it.

Dating a nerdy girl

  1. Too particular about every aspect of life

These are too particular about aspects of life. For example – you’d see her at the coffee shop in 10 minutes and land in the 11th minutes, it counts. Get ready to hear ‘You are late by one minute’.

Dating a nerdy girl

  1. Spends a lot of time just on herself

Nerdy girls invest a lot of time (no its most of the time) on herself. She spends time doing various things that she feels are required to develop herself.

Dating a nerdy girl

  1. She might get interested in someone than is smarter than you do

Alert! Alert! She might start liking someone that is smarter than you do. For this, you gotta be little sensibly smarter than ever.

Dating a nerdy girl

You see, the nerdy girl is getting you smarter than always. 😉

Though they are both pros and cons of liking and Dating a nerdy girl, its fun. Believe me, everything that makes them up is just so enjoyable by you. Those geeky heads are really interesting souls, in fact.

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