IIT Girls Are A Different Species! Here Are 10 Ways To Recognize Them If You Want To Date One!

iit girl student

If you are a handsome dude who is hell bent on dating a IIT girl, I would say, think again!

Still, if you are not budging away, OK!

I will help you to make your tough task a little lighter. After all, who wouldn’t want to be with the most coveted female class of the country.

Well, first and foremost you have to understand that getting into IIT is really not an easy feat and if a girl got an admission in the most coveted engineering institute of the country, then she is nothing short of a celebrity. And her attitude would more or less be the same!

Being with one will not only make you famous and talk of your peer clan, it will also make you a sensible man, provided you let her rub you the right way!

Now, here, are 10 things to identify and understand an IIT girl, before you go ahead and propose for dating or a relationship!

  1. Appearance – They are mostly in a rugged jeans and worn-out tops! Studying so many hours a day gives them dark circles. Such is life!
  1. They are habitual of getting attention, as they are form the background where there are so many boys and very little girls!
  1. 9 out of 10 IIT girls are crazy bookworms and are very nerdy! AT least they are perceived like that.
  1. An IIT girl is more likely to be seen in a pair of spectacles. If she doesn’t, you are lucky!
  1. If you meet one, she might offer to tutor your younger brother or sister or your uncle’s kids for free. They are generous and born to tutor! They have the brains you see!
  1. She would meet you and ask you the most intelligent questions you may have no answers to! She would not tell you the answers if you don’t know! She would only walk away giving you a sarcastic look!
  1. They believe in self-waxing as there is hardly any time to visit parlors and spas! That is a lot of saved money too!
  1. They are usually not bothered about the looks of the guy they wish to date, but they are most definitely concerned about his dimaagi gyaan! If you do not possess that super power, back off already! She might be most comfortable discussing Manchester United and T20 League with ease.
  1. They are usually looking to date a guy who is an IIT product himself, simply because their parents wouldn’t approve of anyone else, if the things land at matrimony doors! If nothing else, they would at the least expect you to be in one of the IVY League schools abroad.
  1. If you finally get to date them, your next four years will be rotten in frustration, because they will be working their ass off in one of the most prestigious techie companies, and you would be sitting waiting for an ounce of their time!

So here you are! We gave you all the giveaways! If you still are standing on the same grounds, be our guest and find an IIT product for yourself.

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