10 Funny Things Your Friends Say When You Start Dating Hot Girl

There are always green eyed monsters who can’t stand your happiness and when you start playing court to a really hot girl, your friends also sneak into that category imperceptibly. But then men will be men, the universal bro-code laid down by Barney Stinson is instantaneously backseated when your girl makes the temperature soar up to an unbearable high. They start flirting, cooing, and complimenting her for her attention much to your annoyance. Even worse, they make late night texts to her for sharing some wisdom on you. Besides, you are always high-strung someone else might steal her from you. This leads to dreadful suspicion and an eventual break-up.

Picking up a hot girl needs a good deal of research and execution but keeping her interest undamaged is akin to moving a mountain. Here are some hilarious pointers on what your friends perceive your relationship and what they say when you start seeing a girl apparently higher than your standard:

They will ill-talk about her:

They will want to fill your with conceit that you deserve better than her and she has an wandering eye. So, they will mouth all those ugly things about her and worse, cook up false stories.

They will ask you bring her in gatherings:

On the contrary, they will also want to enjoy her sight and proximity to perennially persuade you to bring her in boys gathering no matter how awkward it seems.

They will demoralize you:

They will bring up pretty girl-average guy stories out of nowhere to demoralize you so that you finally give up on her, heartbroken and brainwashed. They will smug, trust me!

They will drive your confidence to sparse:

They will take jibes at you and bring up the loopholes in you just to prove that you do not deserve her one bit.

They will attack you personally:

Suddenly, they will turn violent and threaten to cause physical harm if you don’t dump her.

They will say the extreme:

They will say she is a bi-sexual or a lesbian. Meh!

They will pretend they don’t care:

They will feign nonchalance and say they are capable of picking up a better woman but the truth is otherwise.


They will suddenly become way too possessive:

They will suddenly blame you for not giving them time and bring forth the incidents when you chose your girlfriend over them.

They will be honest about their feelings:

They will tell you they are jealous loud and clear!

They will treat things with suspicion:

Well, they will make mountain out of molehill and brainwash you.

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