Forget Rebonding And Use These 5 Tips For Smooth And Straight Hair

Smooth and straight hair

In the last few years, we all have been too much inclined towards this one thing called –Rebonding.

As every girl wants long, smooth and straight hair, they have got their easy way in with the help of rebonding.

In fact, there are various alternatives that salons serve by saying they are healthier and of course, costlier. For example, smoothening, keratin and many more treatments which damages your hair a lot but gives them a good look. But why do you want to spend so much of money and get into so much of damage when you can get that kind of hair at home?

Yes, it’s possible with these tricks for smooth and soft hair.

1 – Blow Dry them straight

One of the easiest and less harmful way to get straight hair is to blow dry them that way. Just untangle your hair, divide them in three sections and start brushing them downwards. In the same direction of the brush, keep blowing the dryer. You will see instant straight hair and if done regularly, your hair might become permanently straight too.

2 – Use straightening iron

Yes, you shouldn’t use straight iron daily, but if you want to go out with straight hair, it’s the best thing to do. All you have to do is divide your hair in different parts, clutch them up and then star ironing on little sections. Make sure you have set the iron temperature on 204 degree Celsius. Once you have ironed them all, apply a good serum to keep them healthy.

3 – Wrap hair around head

While this may seem like a trick to bring waves than straight hair, it works better than you know. Part your hair in 5 sections and pull all those sections tight one after another to wrap them together into a bun. Leave the hair like that for few hours and then see the change when you unpin them. It will be surprising.

4 – Comb wet hair

Wet hair have the tendency to take form in the way they are left, so you need to comb them straight while your hair are in the most vulnerable form. If you keep combing like that with a straight brush regularly, you might be able to see a difference.

5 – Use milk

It might be surprising for you, but milk can help you straighten those hair and keep them smooth too. All you need is a spray bottle full of milk and a comb. Just spray milk on your hair and then comb them straight for a few minutes. Leave the hair like that for 45 minutes and then see the change. You can try doing this twice a week.

Use these tips and get smooth and straight hair – So, it’s time for you to ditch all those chemicals and take this route to have smooth and straight hair!

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