How to rock orange lip colour!

This festive season, try a bit of pop! We tell you how to rock this tricky orange shade. Read on.

Orange is the new red this season. For a sexy pout that keeps the festive spirit alive, it’s important to experiment a bit. And what better than Navratri to bring out the make-up artist in you! We help you figure out how best to flaunt orange lipstick and come across as classy. If red lips have the power to elevate any look, orange can add the right amount of zing to your appearance. Since neon is also an ‘in-trend’, orange is the shade to sport.


No matching-matching, please!                 
If your sari/anarkali is orange, please don’t paint your lips in the same colour as well. That will make you look like a clown. If you wish to go orange while pandal-hopping, opt for an outfit that doesn’t clash. You could go for dark greens, midnight blues or creamish outfits. Some light shades can wash you out, so it’s important to choose the right shade of orange lips to elevate your look.

Skin tones: If you have a warm skin tone, opt for yellow-based oranges that will give your skin the right amount of glow and sheen. It’s best to follow this diktat to avoid buffoon-esque appearance at event. If you have a cool skin tone, you should stick to red or coral oranges as it will compliment your tone. Always do a look test before finalising on a shade and take the help of a professional if you don’t know what your skin tone is.

Keep your eyes subtle: Since you’re going bold on your lips, keep your eyes nude. Wear only a bit of kohl on your watering line and a dash of mascara and a bit of BB cream. Finish off the look with a nude eyeshadow and concealer. Sometimes, bold lips and bold eyes work when the lip colour is red. But orange is a rather tough shade to pull off, hence it’s best to keep the eyes simple. Any experiments here can make you look like a page 3 disaster.

Red lip liner: It’s very important to prime your lips to give them a professional touch and to avoid cracks and blackening. Don’t forget to outline your lips with a red pencil, before filling them with a matt orange lipstick. Don’t use the same shade as your lip colour to draw your lip line as it can look very tacky. Red works the best with orange, but you can also use tinted brown and dark peach to highlight your pout.

Conceal your blemishes: orange can bring out your blemishes like no other lip colour. So it’s best to conceal that redness and blotches with matt finish concealer. Give your skin some glow by dabbing gloss-based powder all over your face. If you’re planning to highlight your cheekbones, go for with either tinted browns or dark peaches as they look the best with fiery orange lips.

Did you manage to get this bright shade right? Do let us know!



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