How Breaking Up With My Childhood Boyfriend Changed My Life

childhood sweetheart

People say that childhood sweethearts are to cherish but when that childhood sweetheart goes on to become the love of your life in adulthood, you might lose it all.

The reason is that you have been dating that person for quite a long time, maybe since the day you even started believing in love and you have never looked out for any other person in life apart from them. You have stayed away from everything in this world and have only devoted yourself to this one person since childhood sweetheart and that’s where everything has gone wrong.

Well, I understood this thing after a long time but when I did, it wasn’t too late.

After dating him for almost 8 years, I realized that I have settled for too less and the happiness that this relationship was giving me a few years ago, is not there anymore. I know it might have sounded mean on my end but when I told him my decision, he agreed over the same and we broke up. And then my life changed for better. Yes, it did and trust me, it’s been 3 years and I haven’t been in a relationship since then.

Earlier, I was the kind of girl who used to go everywhere with her boyfriend childhood sweetheart and made no other friends.

Yes, I had one or two girlfriends but no guy because come on, my boyfriend childhood sweetheart didn’t like it. So, my only company to every party, movie, museum was with him and only him. Now that I am single, I have been going to places on my own, making friends, having fun more than ever and I enjoy every bit of it.

It’s not just about every day fun but also about the little things of life that I wasn’t seeing earlier.

Nowadays, I have been focusing more on myself and less on anyone else’s opinion. You know how it is when you have someone close to you, you always seek out their opinion and let your wishes be. But ever since I broke up with him, I am listening to my heart more and not to anything else.

Being in a relationship is not a wrong thing but I was in it since I even started knowing that love exists and maybe that’s why I created walls around myself and never skipped them without his permission.

Now, I am free, happy and single.

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