Why Should Only The Girls Get The Fame Out Of Prostitution Rackets? Men Hold The Claim To Fame Too!

The recent news about an actress who took up to Prostitution to fulfill her needs has created a different kind of an uproar, amongst her Clientele.

The recent news in the National Daily(s) about a little-known-long-forgotten Child Artist, who has now grown up, being involved in a Prostitution Ring, has created a huge uproar all over the social media.

People had thrashed the media for disclosing the Actress’s name and giving the news so much prominence.

But, since the last few days, an entirely different controversy has been brewing up, which remained un-covered! We are bringing it up to you, through our most un-reliable sources.

The story is like:

The Clientele which avails such services has come up in arms demanding “Equal Rights”. Oh Yes!!! You heard it Right!! They want media exposure too. Why should only girls have all the fun? Why??

With huge male-morcha protests going on everywhere across the country, the Media Reporters are having a tough time reaching out to the protestors to get their statements.

After a massive fire-fighting, we could bring a few fiery-in-the-pants (well literally) statements to you.

1) Waving a Red flag, Jikoba Dharna-kar , ( I wonder why is he not wearing a shirt), of the Equality for Men Morcha, shouts, “When women demand equal rights, why can’t Men get them too!!! Why is the Media always biased about giving footage only to women? We want it too. Mahila morcha haaye haaye!!!!!” And he marched forward with the fierce aggression on his face.




2) Walyque Ad-am-see, a well known advertising professional claims, “Every exposure is an opportunity”, while zipping himself up, “Exposure of any kind goes a long way, whether good or bad”.



3) “Every week, I hire high class Escorts, and go to prominent Hotels, just waiting for the time when the cameras turn on me. It will give a significant boost to my new brand of Condoms, Surex, which I plan to launch soon. As it is these visits of mine are only “Test Procedures” after all”, Says Baburao Rubber-wala,  a Businessman from South Bombay, flaunting his REAL GOLD shirt!



4) Sitaram Doodh-paani , a local milkman sulks “I don’t have a phonewa with a camerawa, I have never had a selfie clicked ever in my life. I want to get before the camera too!!! Why should these actresses have all the maza masti on tallybheejan??



5) “I have always wanted my husband to be famous, I know what he is up to, when he says he is going for a work-meeting, but when I go out to the market, I want everyone to look at me in admiration because of my husband being in the news”, claims the proud wife of the 50 year old BPO employee, Mannu Bina-soye.



6) Actor-turned-Model-Turned-Actor-Turned-Nobody, Shabbash Ruk Ruk Kaan , claims that his nocturnal visits to well known brothels is only because he wants instant fame. “Sometime like a sexo scandal will boosting my career. I get some offers from the Kerala. But I not like the Dark People Film Industry, that no real work, no majaa in compromising too, hai ke nayi??” he broods. (Pardon his English please)




7) “Small towns are never covered by the media. Why so? Whenever I go to Rosy Aunty Ka Adda, I always call up the National Channels, hoping they will come and give me some coverage. But do they ever bother?? All they want is to cover Bollywood”, spits out Bandya Gaay-chaap, a well known tobacco trader from Latur.



8) While lovingly fingering his gun, Yeda Langdya, a close aide of a well known gangster “The-Ooth  Ab-Reham”, snarls, “When we get such coverage, our name in the Underworld and the Cities also rises. Boley to, Apun ka bhi naam hota hain na, aur Bhai bhi khuss rehta hai!



So folks, these huge protests are being carefully watched by our RESPONSIBLE and OBSERVANT Media. They are right now consulting their Trade Pundits, that whether their TRPs will go up if they cover the Powerful Clients instead of the Escorts?

Whether the Media will decide to give exposure to THE POOR CLIENTS or not, only time will tell, but one thing we know for sure …… Sex Sells… and IN HUGE NUMBERS!

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