Top 5 Android Apps Born In the Month Of July 2014 That Created Waves!

For all the users of Android devices we really have good news. We discuss about the top 5 Android app released in the month of July and are getting viral…

July 2014 has seen the emergence of some of the best apps for android devices. 

Whether it is a private messaging app or an app to lock your screen there were various apps available for people using Android devices. Several new apps were introduced and here is a list of top 5 apps that have created ripples last month. 


This is not strictly a new app but in July it altered its name from Flayvr to MyRoll. This is a great mobile gallery app that will display all your best clicked photos as ‘moments’ and it automatically organizes your images by analyzing each photo. This app can prioritize the photos that are in focus, with smiling faces and bright colors. 


This app was introduced for the iPhone users last year but the android users could lay their hands on this app only last month. This app can help you to use your device as personal transcriber, compose letters, postal services and writing desk. You can write digitally but the app helps to provide an authentic handwriting feel. 


This is another new Android app that enables the users to send doodles, messages and photos directly from the lock screen. It is a synchronized whiteboard that makes it easy for you to share pictures, notes and every kind of doodle with anyone you want. To receive these doodles the users need not look beyond their lock screen. 


This is another app that was introduced to Android devices in July. This app can be utilized to perfect smiles. It can widen your smiles and whiten teeth and you can also remove blemishes, dark circles and smooth out the skin. This is a great Android app to transform your images. 


This new Android app enables you to control when your kids can use the device and apps. The USP of this app is it also allows you to see your kid’s location on the Google map. It is a great way of monitoring and limiting the use of mobile devices by children. 

Well, these are the top 5 apps that ranked high on Google Play in the month of July. So, do try out these new top apps for a better user experience on your Android devices. 

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