10 Reasons Why You Completely Need A Capricorn Bestie In Your Life

We all need that bestie who moves mountains for us and butt heads with anybody who wrongs us. You have made a Capricorn bestie, then we guarantee this is the one of the best decisions you made in years. A Capricorn has a fiery personality which induces fear on everyone and she also has an adventurous outlook towards life. If that was not all, your Capricorn bestie is blessed with a pristine heart which absorbs all your pain and plants a smile on your face.  She is believes in forgiveness and doesn’t hold it against people for long. Never let go of a Capricorn bestie if you have achieved one.

They are honest people:

Talking ill about you to her is poking the hornet’s nest and the person has to face her indomitable wrath right then. She won’t stand a word against you even if she is in a fight with you. Only she can call you names, no one else!

She gets going:

She is the perfect example for when things get tough, the tough gets going. You will wonder from where she brings so much patience to stay up and awake beside you even if it’s 3:00 am if you needed her.

She is caring:

She doesn’t pretend, neither she smothers you. Her care is exact how much you need to be comforted or felt at home.

She means what she says:

She never minces her words being a straight forward person. She will tell you on your face if you look ugly in that dress no matter if her words are harsh. It may look rude at the moment, but way better than those opportunist sycophants.

She is the perfect shoulder to cry on:

She will extend her shoulder to cry on whenever you need her most or feel forsaken. She will keep your secrets and will help you overcome the pain by herself being a part of it. What’s more can you ask from a bestie?!

Her advice work:

She is the wise owl sorts whose advices work like magic. Being a practical person, she will always have a realistic hold on life thus her advices will count. Her logical bent of mind will be really beneficial for you, trust us!

She trusts her guts:

She goes by her hunch because it never leads her astray. Of course, her intuition hence is her superpower. She knows you are going in the wrong direction and will warn you against it way before time.

You can break her but not bend her:

She has a tunnel view about things because she is stubborn. When she has decided something, she will do it come hell or high water. So, if you go with the flow then, she will bring out your best version of you later.

She will win your trust like magic:

Because trust is earned, like gold. She is the right person to lay your trust on no matter regarding money or secrets.

They are no-nonsense people:

They don’t buy shit and distance themselves and their besties from things that don’t grow them.

They are ambitious:

You will barely see a lazy Capricorn. Their hardworking nature put others at shame and you can constantly draw inspiration from her.

A Capricorn bestie is a real bargain, go for it!



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