Are You Attracted to Same Sex? Pros and Cons of Homosexuality


Note: This is article doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s sentiments and feeling. I apologize if feel someone feel offended by this article.

Do you have a different feeling? Or you feel more attracted towards the same-sex?

Well, both these things might sound awkward to many, but this is how the world is being today. The homosexuals and the society both find it difficult to survive together. In fact, many countries are debating about legalizing the LGBT – same-sex relationship.

The debate is on for years and the society will take time to accept these relationships in between them. As we fear the effect of this on our future generations.

Falling in love with the same-sex can’t be justified as it is of course against the word of god. But, still, people have these types of relationship and are happy to accept it. This is something that raises an eyebrow. Here are the points listed that give an overview of the way society behaves.

Cons of this Issue

Isolation from Family – The family with whom you have blood relations isolates you for having the same-sex relationship. As, they feel defamed by this activity. As a result, you are not invited to any family functions or general visit. The parents especially dream to spend time with their grandchildren. But, your same-sex relation diminishes their dream.

Problems at Workplace – We people are living in the 21st century. But, still, we don’t admit the change in our lifestyle. This is why many homosexual people face ignorance at the workplace. That’s not all many organizations won’t hire these people as to protect the reputation of their company.

Social Isolation – The society makes a person’s life easy to live. But, the society is one of the institutions that offend homosexual people. The rude behaviour of the community makes the person feel alone and unwanted.

Illegal Relationship – The same-sex relationship is still illegal in many parts of the world. Thus, the homosexual people need to think before they behave in front of the world. These people can be arrested for having a relationship with the same-sex person.

Weird Behaviour of People – Like I said earlier, the society is not ready to accept the same-sex relationship. Thus, many people look at the homosexual weirdly. Thus, it creates an awkward situation for all of them, the onlookers and the couple as well.

Violence against Homosexuals – The homosexual people face violence reactions from people sometimes. As people opposing these type of relationship try to separate these couples. Also, these violent attacks are carried out to scar the same-sex partners.

Pros of this Issue

Freedom to Live – The people indulged in having the same-sex relationship enjoy the freedom of enjoying life. As they are not answerable to where they are going, with whom they are going or by when they will be back.

Low Divorce Rate – These couples are actually the happy couples in the world. As they fight less and love more. In fact, the people in this type of relationship are more honest with their partner. The best thing about falling in love with the same-sex is being there for each other forever.

Better Parenthood – The same-sex couple can’t bear their own child. But, they have a better heart and that allows them in doing a better upbringing of the adopted child. In fact, the normal parents must learn about how to behave with their kids from these homosexual parents.

Well, the pros are lesser in number than cons. But, the situation is changing with each passing day. Therefore, don’t hide your sexual preference as we all are equal for god.

So, be proud of what you are and show the world how to live life to the fullest.

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