Is This What Salman Khan Scared Of?


First of all, is Salman Khan scared of anything in life?

Going by his track record, it doesn’t seem like he fears anything or anyone in life! Allegedly he has killed people sleeping on the payment and is still out of prison! He also allegedly killed blackbucks and is still roaming free! So he doesn’t fear the law, the lawmakers or anyone else simply because he is too powerful to be controlled by anyone.

But now he might be scared of something.

His next movie Bajrangi Bhaijaan is about to get released in the next couple of days and no matter what, he must be having sleepless nights! The reason being the trailers of the movie promise a good storyline instead of brainless cinema we all are subjected to, in his movies.

However, that’s where the catch is!

Salman Khan has become this huge in the past few years, primarily due to his crazy, idiotic movies that have no head or tail and caters to an audience made up of his fans happy to see him do stupid heroic stuff. They don’t want a story. They just want to see their favourite star doing crazy stunts, mouthing tapori dialogues and do funny dance moves all at the cost of a logical storyline, a decent script that evokes thoughts or a cinema that can last long. No sir, they want none of that! Let the hero (read Salman Khan) make some romance, sing some songs and punch villains and there you go! It is complete paisa vasool!

Whenever Salman has tried to do sincere stuff mixed with his brand of cinema, it hasn’t worked so well.

Last time he came together with director Kabir Khan in Ek Tha Tiger, which was a comparatively sensible film with a good story, the movie didn’t do a lot of business compared to his other hits like Ready, Wanted or Kick! These movies did phenomenal business on the box-office, even though there was nothing in those movies to take home to.

That’s why Bajrangi Bhaijaan, even though it looks like a typical Salman movie, might be different simply because it is made by a sensible director Kabir Khan. Will Sallu bhai’s fans accept him doing sensible stuff? Or do they want to see him sleepwalking in his roles, like in all his mega hit movies, and giving them total entertainment?

Only time will tell, but this thought must be weighing on Salman’s mind considering his Jai Ho also bombed for not having enough masala to satisfy his fans’ hunger! Also, this is his major release after a long time, especially after all the mess he found himself in, with his ongoing court cases. He must be really scared of delivering a dud for a lot of money is riding on him and the industry cannot suffer a Salman Khan setback! Is This What Salman Khan Scared Of?

Let’s hope his fans really love his film for his sake and make it a super-duper hit! Guys, if the film has a decent storyline, then it is even more important for the movie to become a hit as it gives confidence to filmmakers that a sincere sensible film with Salman Khan can indeed work! It might not affect Salman personally, but he will gain new fans for sure!

So, let’s wait and watch, if Salman’s fears reap anything, or we come out of the theatres saying the same old “Kya typical Sallu Bhai picture thi yaar”!!

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