Why Age Is Just A Number In Love?

age difference between a couple

Age difference between a couple – When you love a person, you unconditionally love of what exactly the person he or she is.

For many people loving a person is all that matters; be it a man or woman. It’s not at all necessary to date a guy only if he is elder to you and vice versa.

There are so many people around, for whom age is just a number.

Sachin Tendulkar’s wife, Anjali Tendulkar is five years elder to him; similarly Farhan Akhtar was married to Adhuna Akhtar who is 8 years elder to him.

So let’s have an insight into whether or not age difference between a couple matters.

Age difference between a couple

Friendship is important

When you date a man or a woman way older to you, make sure that you both are very good friends to each other. As friendly, that you can share almost everything with each other right from a stupid joke to a serious talk. If you are able to carry the conversation well then yes, age is surely, just a number for you people. Friendship is important in every relationship to make things easier.

Being comfortable

It totally depends on the person you love, whether he/she can make you feel comfortable, despite the age gap. It’s not a taboo, but even a 40 year old man can make a 30 year old girl comfortable, and can get along very well. The thing to be noted is that, there should not be a question or doubt in your mind to date an older person. You should be clear enough to face the consequences once you know that you love the person unconditionally.

Equal Treatment

When you are in a relationship and have decided that age actually doesn’t matter, it’s important that you treat the person equally, irrespective of their age. The same also goes with the fact that you accept the age factor behave on a much more matured level, which goes equally for both the person. It is to be made sure that no one in the relationship feels inferior. The sentiments of the person are to be taken care of.

Proper Communication

Of all the above, communication is the main key to a happy relationship where you communicate with the person as much as you can and know more about them so that it goes well on both the sides. The person who is younger gets to know more about the experience of the person who is older.

Age difference between a couple – In the end, it’s not a big deal to date a person with a larger age difference. As long as you are matured and experienced enough in life to handle the relationship you are all good to go on a right path!

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