25 Magical Questions We Bet Can Make 2 People Fall In For Each Other !

Magical questions

Magical Questions – Can you believe it that you can make any two random people fall in love?

Yes, any two persons from across the world. A psychology professional Arthur Aron stated in one of his recent studies that this possible. All he did was just prepared a few questions maybe around 25 and divided them into three sets. He picked up a man and women, made them sit facing each other and made them ask these questions to each other.

The answers need to be genuine. Once you are done then look into each other’s eyes for four minutes.

Surprisingly, it worked; they got married in just 6 months time.

If you are not yet convinced, then here is the list of those Magical Questions and you can try them out yourself.

Magical Questions –

  1. If you get a chance to take someone as a dinner guest along with you, then whom would you choose from this entire world?
  2. Do you like getting famous in the entire world? If yes, then in what way?
  3. Did you anytime rehearse before you start making any call? When and why?
  4. What do you call as a perfect day? What should it have?
  5. Did you anytime sing for yourself? When was the last time? Did you sing for anyone else?
  6. Do you have any idea or clue about how you are going to die?
  7. Tell me something that you and your partner have in common?
  8. What is that which makes you feel grateful for having it?
  9. Do you want to change something in your childhood or the way you were brought up? What is it?
  10. Tell your life story in just 4 minutes?
  11. What biggest quality that you like to have in you when you wake the next morning?
  12. Is there anything that you wanted to do from a long time but could not do it?
  13. What did you accomplish in your life so far? Something really great?
  14. What is more important in friendship for you?
  15. What is the most terrible and treasured memories you have?
  16. If you just have one year of life, then how would you like to change yourself?
  17. What is love and affection for you?
  18. How close are you to your family? Were you a happy child?
  19. What kind of relationship do you share with your mother?
  20. What is the most embarrassing moment of your life?
  21. Did you anytime cry in front of anyone?
  22. Tell your partner what you like about them?
  23. If you are going to die right now with no communication with rest of the world? What would you regret or miss?
  24. Whose death in your family would be most disturbing?
  25. Share one of your biggest problems in your life and ask your partner to advise you.

Once you are done answering all these Magical Questions, you should now remain silent and look into each other’s eyes for at least four minutes. Now the magic begins!!! Wait and watch.

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