Do You Have The Habit OF Sleeping On Your Stomach? IF Yes, Read This!

Stomach Sleepers – Undoubtedly, it is important to get at-least 6-8 hours’ sleep. AFTER a tiring day, it is important to sleep peacefully for hours. Now I hope you know, that there are many positions for sleeping. Back sleepers, side sleepers, stomach sleepers are the positions to name a few.

Do you have the habit of sleeping on your stomach? IF yes, then there’s something important you should know. Sleeping on stomach is considered to be bad for health. Yes, there are many disadvantages of it as compared to its advantages. Many experts believe, that one should break the habit of sleeping on stomach as it isn’t the best position to sleep in.

In ranking the positions, “stomach sleeping” is ranked as the worst position.

According to healthline, seeping on stomach places a strain on back & neck. It happens because most of the weight falls in the middle of your body. Plus, it has been observed by many health experts, that the one who sleeps on stomach experiences neck & back pain, which directly doesn’t allow to sleep properly.

Neck pain is the worst to experience.

Isn’t it? The thing is, when you sleep on your stomach, you’ve to turn your head, either towards your LEFT or RIGHT. You can place it straight obviously. So it really gets hard. That’s how the neck problems starts. The more you sleep like that, the pain increases too much.

It is NOT really easy to break the habit easily. Now just in case you’re someone who just cannot think of sleeping in any other position, then here are some tips that you should FOLLOW.

  • Use a thin pillow to rest your head or do not use any pillow. Doing so will help you prevent your neck problem.
  • While sleeping, put another pillow under your pelvis so that it’ll keep your back in a neutral position, and it’ll take the pressure off your spine.

Stomach Sleepers : It is very important to do exercises. At-least stretching needs to be done. When you wake up in the morning, start with stretching to keep your body fit. Others who think they can break this habit, then try it from toady.

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