Zodiac Signs Have High Tendency to Suffer From Depression

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Energetic or depressed both are related to the influence of the zodiac signs. If a person can be happy with his genuine features or whether sad depends on the movement of the stars. Depression certainly has a relation with the nature of the person. It may be due to the hard times or obstacles or few difficulties due to the stars as an effect on fortune. People with different zodiac signs have a high tendency to suffer from depression.

Zodiac Signs that suffer from depression

Depression is a common problem that most of us face. Few last for long while some can recover it early. Some are fortunate that they do not have any space to allow depression or anxiety to rule over their minds. But all are not capable to be strong to keep their sadness and losses to stay away from their life.

The major problems are faced by the following they are:


The most nervous zodiac sign is Pisces. People belonging to this section will always suffer from depression. They are less focused towards themselves rather than more thinking and caring about others. Self-destruction is the main cause leading them to stay deep in negative thoughts. Mostly they are less practical in life, always trying to sacrifice and own a good name. But this does not always work putting them deprived of their desirables.

Scorpio, emotional suffering from depressions

Once again they are less practical and stay far away from the facts of reality. Scorpio has to face depressions and hard times. Obstacles and difficulties maybe not a hard to overcome but their self-giving quality never keeps them in good times.

After not getting a proper response over the contribution and dedication in relationships they are depressed. They are always looking forward to invest full heartedly, it can be in relationships or workplace. But negative reponses put them to bad times to suffer from sadness.

Gemini, not the less emotionally complicated

The Zodiac sign Gemini is not less emotional but also at the same time complicated. A mixture that makes them experience the intense form of depressions. They are strong in nature with high energy and dedication but do not follow the regular routine. They love to break rules but once if they find anything forceful they feel depressed and try to come out of it.

They are not able to express their feelings which do not allow anyone to know. This keeps them internally depressed most of the time if they are not able to control themselves.

Taurus, unique to suffer from depression

Simply opposite to Gemini but still the same depressed are Taurus. They do not prefer to come out of their comfort zone and love to stay in a routine. Staying out of their comfort will always develop anxiety and suffer from depressions. They are mostly introverts which increase the chances to grow the sense of insecurity with inclination to anxieties.

Reasons and characteristics of the zodiac signs may differ from each other. Somehow or the other they are always found to suffer from the hard times of depressions.

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