Singh Is Bling: Will Prabhu Strike Gold with Bolly Barbie Instead Of Shotgun Jr?

We wonder on the fate of Singh Is Bling. Will the director Prabhudeva strike gold at the box office with Katrina Kaif instead of Sonakshi Sinha?

When there had been a time that the Southern Lollywood churned their own blockbusters and we barely turned to notice at Bollywood, things were different.

Now we are in an era when collaborative cinema is the best thing ever for us.

And, Prabhudeva is not just a wow dancer from India’s Down Under but stands as an acclaimed director of Bollywood movies. The choreo-director had scored hits with ‘Wanted’ and other films. Next, he met ShotGun Junior, oops Sonakshi Sinha, and created a blockbuster combo. With Rowdy Rathore and R..Rajkumar coming as huge hits, Sonakshi also found a patron director.

The sad news is Prabhudeva has decided to venture into an original production called Singh Is Bling.

It is unique because it is not a remake of any Southern Movie. Why sad, you ask?

It does not have Sonakshi in it.

While you may wonder who Sona’s substitute is, the honors go to Katrina Kaif. The golden babe of Bolly has often been branded as boyfriend snatcher and now we see that she has been adept at the director snatching game too.

The project has Akshay Kumar as the male lead and thus we expect sizzles. However, we cannot forget that Sonakshi too rocked the chemistry paper with Akki Baby earlier. However,’ our khabroo has found that Prabhudeva is already missing Sonakshi and as a good luck charm might appear in a cameo in the flick. The script is under wraps but as the title suggests it could have ultimate Punjabipanti to the fullest. Well, Singh Is King barely lived up to its name; we hope Bling does not fizz out.

We have heard that Katrina soared her dates especially for the movie is keen to try her hand with over-the-top blockbusters under Prabhu’s guidance. However, OTT is not always a surety to success. Remember how it fizzled with Singh Is King, lady? The first rushes of the film have been specially released and the audience already laid eyes on the first look. In fact, the film will go on floors this October and will be a camaderie of action, masala and loads of comedy.

Perhaps, comedy and Bollywood is getting rather stretchy in association since all the recent comedies are nothing but trying laugh out loud ticklers. Most of the jokes barely make sense. And seriously, we are bored with the Bollywood caricature of Punjus and Sardars. We love them from knowing them in real but portraying them as mere lassi drinkers and chole chicken lovers is crap!! Who has that every day?

We hope that the film does exceptionally well and Kat has a huge solo hit to credit on prowess instead of by the power of a jodi.

Singh Is Bling, we agree but how blingy will the flick be is left to watch. Gear up! 

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