6 Unique Ways To Deal With Stress During Exams

Ways to deal with stress – Exams are a student’s nightmare.

No matter how good a student you are, the thought of sitting for an exam can be daunting for anybody. You get a stipulated time to fill in the papers and after that, you are left to wait anxiously for the results to come out. After the results are out, your relatives get after you and inquire you about your percentage.

Exams set in motion a chain of events which result in extreme stress and anxiety.

Here are 6 unique ways to deal with stress during exams.

Ways to deal with stress –

  1. Play a sport

You might have been advised by your parents no to step out of the house and immerse yourself in studies till the time your exams are over but you must talk to them and ask them to allow you to sneak out of the house at least for a few minutes and play a sport. Sports help you in rejuvenating both of your mind and body and this something you need before you sit for your exams. It will help in relaxing the tension and reenergise you.

  1. Talk to a friend

During exams, you need someone to talk to so that you can express your inner fears, anxiety and all that you are experiencing at that point of time. Your parents expect you to be fully prepared during the exams but if you are not, you cannot obviously share it with them. Pick up the phone and talk to your friend. Tell them all that you are going through. Talking to them would definitely help you feel calmer.

  1. Take a break

As simple as it may sound, it is something a lot of students do not understand. They feel the more number of hours they study, the more mars they will get. If you stuff your brain with too much information, it will not be able to hold all of it. You will know when your brain has had an overload. That is exactly when you must close your book and take a short break.


  1. Time management

If you learn to manage time well, it can help you finish all your work on schedule and as a result of that, your stress level will come down drastically. When you do not keep a tack of time and indulge in wasteful activities, you will get lesser time to finish your work. That will make you even mores stressed as you will run behind time to finish your work.

  1. Make time for a hobby

Your hobbies are the one thing that make you happy at any time of the day. The reason you cling on to a particular hobby is that you are naturally drawn towards that activity. So, whenever you are feeling jaded or overburdened because of your studies, you must take some out to practice your hobby. It will give you a sense of relief.

Ways to deal with stress

  1. Switch between subjects

Studying one subject for hours at a stretch can be an arduous task. You will get bored and develop fatigue. Switching between different subjects is an effective way to cut down boredom and keep yourself invested in studies for a long time. If you are solving maths problems, try reading literature for a while and then, get back to Maths. You will feel find it easier to solve the problems.

Ways to deal with stress

These are the ways to deal with stress – Stress is natural to human beings. Under trying circumstances, one is bound to get a little worked up. The key lies in finding interesting ways to deal with it and eventually overcome it. Unless you get the baggage of stress off your shoulders, you will not be able to do your best in the exams.

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