Want To Sleep Better At Nights? Follow These Rules

sleep better

Sleep better – After a hectic day, when you hit the bed, you sleep instantly but there are nights that are spent staring at the ceiling with no sleep, this may be because your mind is too much occupied with anxiety.

Not getting to sleep a wink really leaves you exhausted throughout the day and you can’t concentrate in any of your works. This is a common scenario among the elderly people who visit doctors with the same complain that they are not being able to sleep for days.

Oddly enough, insomnia has been a pandemic. Today’s generation is too much slanted towards technology which elevates pressure on their brains thereby causing sleep depravation. There is a common remedy which is told by people for sleeping better, back counting the numbers or counting imaginary hordes of sheep. But then, that doesn’t seem to help much too when the problem goes out of hand. The worst things happens to when you are not being able to sleep is that dizziness gets to you all the following day. Early to bed and early to bed is the lifestyle that is suggested by the health experts but not always we are able to comply to that. Well, there is no hard and fast rule to cure your insomnia but you need to take care of yourself more than usual to ensure a good sleep in the night.

Sleeping well directly affects both your mental and physical health. When you are not sleeping well, your productivity lessens in the waking minutes too. what’s worse, you tend to put on oodles of weight as the after effect of not sleeping for consecutive nights. Tossing and turning in the nights causes many emotional imbalances also. Well, here we are laying down some simple pointers or measures that will help you sleep better.

Let’s sleep better –

Try to set a time for bed:

When you bind everything in routine, your life becomes way better. The same goes with sleep. Fix a proper time of sleeping and make sure to hit the bed in the said time every night. This will also help you get up in the morning without an alarm.

Try not to sleep during weekends:

If you sleep too much in the odd-hours, your daily need of sleep is compensated. Hence, when you try to roll back into routine in the weekdays, sleep pulls a royal ditch on you. If you are sleeping a lot during weekends, stop immediately.

Take some power napping:

There are days when you feel too exhausted after the gym, work or household chores and your eyes are laden with sleep. Try smart napping at the time and limit your sleep to 15-20 minutes, not more than that. This will help you sleep better in nights.

You should fight after dinner drowsiness:

Usually when your stomach is full, your eyes are full of sleep but you need to fight that by doing something else more intriguing like reading or watching a movie. Hitting the bed right after the dinner will make your body accumulate more fat too so you need to be more cautious about this. Try to keep awake for at least 45 minutes after being done with your dinner.

These are the simple methods that will boost your good night’s sleep.

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