Travel Stories: Postcards from Mumbai

A handful of memories from the city of extremes…

A handful of memories from the city of extremes…


A rain washed city at the peak of monsoons in 2009.



A view of the surrounding chawls and distant skyscrapers in the neighbourhood of Lower Parel. Many chawls are now being brought down to make way for swanky buildings.



The annual Kala Ghoda Festival in the art distric of Kala Ghoda invites many artists who make art a part of everyday life. 



Mumbai is full of character and everytime you walk on its streets, you will stumble upon a moment peculiar to the city.



A trip to the Chor Bazaar is nothing less than being lost on a treasure island.



While you may be expecting to see a lot of old and vintage stuff at Chor Bazaar, I was surprised to the read a board outside a shop which said, “We recycle the past.” Thoughtful indeed. 



Shops inside Chor Bazaar are stuffed with arefacts and vintage statues. 



A grafitti around the neighbourhood of Mahalaxmi that has colourfully captured the flavour of the city. 



Once I was walking through one of the labyrinths around the Grant Road area when I saw this rundown house with so many colourful saris hanging out of its windows and found it really interesting. 



Deep within the forests of Sanjay Gandhi National Parl, locally known as Borivali National Park, lies a cluster of over 100 Buddhists caves dating back to the first century BC. 



While I was walking through the cobbled streets of Colaba, I saw this man looking out of a window. He was locked inside a dilapidated house. 



It was nothing like the over crowded and dirty, but extremely popular Juhu Chowpatty and Girgaun Chowpatty.



Not a sight to be missed!



The flower market outside Dadar station starts early in the morning around five and winds up by 8 am. 



At Colaba Causeway, a famous shopping haunt, I saw this old man inside a hole-in-the-wall watch repair shop, deep in thought, looking into nothingness. 



Just as you pass through the unassuming chawls, your eyes meet the swanky skyscrapers rising above them. 

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