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Travelling as a therapy – So what about getting up this day, without giving a second thought just bring out the insane you.

So what about getting up this day, without giving a second thought just bring out the insane you.

You just take your backpack, the keys of the bike and just kick start.

No clue where to go but just keep on riding for that unknown destination. When you go for this unplanned bag packing, try all those crazy stuff that you never did especially those that you never thought of doing.

Life is full of surprises and experiences, to bring out the best in you. Travel alone, meet new people, and know more about them, their experiences. Kayaking in the silent backwaters of Kerela, sitting on the hilltop somewhere in Himachal alone works as a great reflection time for you.

It will be great if you opt for places less travelled by people, explore them. 

You never know that you might end up exploring the new things in yourself while exploring about the places and it works as a fabulous therapy that might not require any medicines. 

A step closer 

The best therapy that travel gives is it brings a step closer to know yourself, especially when you travel alone. When you are alone you go around exploring about your capacities, your own aspirations and the ideas about many things in life.



Experiences of people 

As mentioned above, when you travel alone you should meet new people and know about their experiences. Travel at times can also be at times an eye-opener for you. Yes, you may across some unusual experiences that people will tell during your sojourn.



Lessons of life 

Travel many times teaches you some of the big life lessons that you learn all by yourself. You don’t learn these lessons in the books during your school and colleges. You might start appreciating small pleasures of life like a simple desi dinner at a road side dhaba or just a tapri ki chai. At times, these little things turn out to be bigger in life.



Positivity surrounds you 

You will surely experience a vibe of positivity around you when you go through the above experiences. You will start appreciating with what you have in life and have a feeling of gratitude for the endowments in life.




Travelling does make you flexible, adaptable and patient to a large extent. When things don’t work in your favour at times, you avoid cribbing and a search for an alternative that can work in a better way. For instance, you might screwed up during the journey by a flat tyre of a bus or unending rains you try to handle the situation being a little more calm this time. 


So with all the above things, you might agree that travel does works as a great therapy.

Try and go for it!

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